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New renewal/quantity change

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:04pm May 23, 2012 EDT
Can someone explain this to me? I am not quite I can now list quantities and not worry about being charged .20 for every quantity? But when I sell lets say 15 am I charged .20 per 15 at that time? If so...then what is the difference...we are still being charged just now on the back end instead of front end?


Is it no charge now per quantity period?

For example, I sell table number luminarias - I would LOVE to be able to put 100 quantity available, and just have my customers put whatever quantity they need...however I don't want to be charged .20 per lumie sold....that is why now I create custom listings for people so I only have to pay the .20 once. Does this new change fix that for me?

It would be FANTASTIC if there is no charge per quantity...that makes a TON of sense and I would totally blow kisses to whomever came up with the genious idea!!

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Sarah :)

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:06pm May 23, 2012 EDT
you have it correct. .
my theory its best to still do custom listings for big quantities.
You are either going to pay for each item they buy separately or you can still do a custom listing for the exact amount they want and be charged only .20.

Under the new guidelines, you are only charged the add'l .20 when the item sells.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:14pm May 23, 2012 EDT
That still isn't clear....

When the item lets say I have 100 quantity listed, and someone buys I charged .20 times 30 ? If so, how is that any different than charging me .20 per item when I list. They are charging on the back end instead of the front end? Is that the only difference?


Sarah :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:18pm May 23, 2012 EDT
yes sarah that is the only difference, instead of charging upfront you are now charged when the item sells
the difference is that many customers are not aware that they can ask you for a custom listing...or what a custom listing is. so they walk away without buying anything.

so yes, if you list one hundred as the quantity and thirty sell you will be charged .20 cents thirty times. BUT you may have gained a sale of 30 items which is great. it's about taking a chance and it will work better for some but not for others.

it's great that they are not banning custom listings of multiple items for .20 cents so that they can make a lot more money.
the reason is won't work for me if that although i would love to put a quantity option in, i only sell packs of the stationery that i actually have in stock. so when it relists automatically, i may sell another but not have it in stock. and sometimes i just don't want to make that item again because i am bored of it or want to do something new.
Sarah, if I'm understanding what you're saying/asking, using quantity listings won't help you. It's for people who don't tend to sell their items in the four months before they expire - those are the ones who will benefit from the new option. Because they can list 5, only sell 1 in their four months, and only pay $0.20.

If you tend to sell in batches, keep using custom orders and list your items as you always have. And more power to ya! :-)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:24pm May 23, 2012 EDT
Thanks so much!! That explains it much better for me. Yes it won't work for me :(

I did get excited there for a wouldn't believe the amount of time I spend creating custom listings...ugh...but I am super stoked I didn't go change all my quantities when I saw the change, that would have cost me a TON. I sell hundreds of luminarias per week...that would have really added up!!

Thanks everyone for clearing that up for me :)


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Inactive Etsy Member 10:25pm May 23, 2012 EDT
It keeps the seller fro having to renew after a sale when they know they have more then one of that item.
Mainly for the big sellers. People who have 20,30 or more sales can benefit.

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