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new rule on multiples

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I get most of my sales during my night (seeing as I am in England and most of my customers are in the USA or Australia).

It is nice to know that they will renew and can sell again without having to wait for me to wake up.

I had been about to up the quantities of things anyway, because of the risk of missing sales for this reason. This update was perfectly timed :-)
I don't think the buyers will be confused at all... they'll see the drop-down for quantity and if they want to order more than one, they can very easily.

And as far as thinking it's costing more, it's not costing any more than if an item sells and you relist it for 20 cents... at least this way it's going to auto renew and you won't have to monitor your listings.

If something sells in the middle of the night while you're sleeping, it's back to the front of the line and available to the next buyer who might have wanted it, but with the old system, would have seen that the item sold. In the unlikely event that they'd convo you for another, they'd have to wait til you logged in to see the convo and renew it for them, when in the meantime, they might have decided to find it or something similar elsewhere.

My items are mostly ooak, so I don't list multiples of many items, altho I may do so with my handmade findings, and I've actually had buyers convo asking when I'll be making more, or if I could set up a custom order, since it sold... so in addition to being a time-saver for myself and the buyer, it may even score me added sales too :)
Karen and Tina from FallenAngelBrass says

oldbutlovely from oldbutlovely says

Thanks guys. guess I don't have it yet.


Yes you do. Everyone has it. The change was made for everyone all in one day.
Not everyone got it all in one day? :o I barely got mine just yesterday night
ooops! my mistake.
I was already listing in multiples for some that are definite best sellers, now I can take the non-risk to list in multiples for more.
Brandi from PuurBody says

I love it to pieces. Somebody bought 10 of something last night. That never happens without multiple convos back and forth. I heart it.


Correct me if I'm wrong but, as HJK said, you paid $2.00 in listing fees when they bought those 10 items, correct? In the past when they convo'd you, the listing for 10 items cost you 20 cents. This way, it's 10 items x 20 cents each.

Not a deal killer, necessarily, but sellers will have to bear it in mind
One reason I only listed one available before (with the old system) was that I wanted to be able to renew the listing and get it to go on the top of the search feed as a newly listed item.

Does anyone know if this new system renews my listing in the same way. For example, if I have 10 listed and 1 is bought?
I've been told that you will get a bump in relevancy when you sell an item and it automatically renews because of multiple quantities.
Yes it does, Nicole... it goes to the top, just as if you had renewed it manually, as long as there is quantity left on the listing.

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