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Etsy shop name.

I hope I can find some help here. My wife registered a shop name about 18 months ago and then never developed it. Now she would like to but when she tries to the site keeps telling her the name is taken. We have written several times to etsy to try and resolve the issure but to no avail. Is there anyway to get the shop name back or be able to use it? Any suggestions. Thanks,

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Maybe it has been taken by her. Can she log into the account she created?
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:01 pm May 25, 2012 EDT
It sounds like she's trying to re-register. She just needs to log in using the account name she already registered for.
Names are never transferred or re-used. Does your wife know the email address she used to create the account?
Yes - she has the name already but must be signing in with a wrong password. Keep trying!
when she tries to ....'what '? the site? OP
sign in?

most likely she forgot her password.
Thanks for the replys but we have tried any and all passwords to no avail. the shop name is Be Love Designs and seeings etsy says its not her shop we can't even find out who is the person who is supppose to have the name.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:37 pm May 25, 2012 EDT edited
Shop names cannot be re-used, so if she already registered it then it is still hers. You say you tried all the passwords you could think, but did you try clicking the "forgot password?" option at the bottom of the log in screen?

ETA: Also remember that Etsy doesn't allow spaces in shop names. Are you entering the shop name without the spaces?
The reason it is not showing up as a shop is because she never listed is probably just her username. I would continue to try passwords or email Etsy and explain the situation. It won't show as a shop without items in it.
There it is ... empty. It's most likely her shop. She just needs to remember the password.

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