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Yay real favorers, not spam-a lots!!

So happy to see non marketers favoring my items!! Hope they stay away and the meaningful ones keep a coming. I wish I could delete the Holly Smiths and the Kates etc. It's so annoying seeing them there.

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Spam-a-lots sounds like a fantastic title for a Monty Python song!

Personally, I don't pay that much attention to my favourites, preferring to concentrate on my sales and making sure my customers are happy. But I have noticed that for some people it's a real concern as they use views and favourites as indicators of how they are going and it's just plain annoying!

I got spammed-a-lot by the spam-a-lotters and after an initial, 'am I being etsy stalked' I kinda forgot about it!

I did feel sorry for the person's photo that they stole to set up the store though!
i had wondered about the photos used..that's really sad.

i just got a new one with a beatiful young lady in the avvy. when i clicked
i got an oh-oh. guess etsy got to her already.
I have no idea if I've been hit by one, as I don't pay attention, and don't check out profiles of those who heart my stuff.
You have, Lori. I just randomly checked your first section/first item and the first heart on the list was one of the spammers. :-(
Well, doesn't bother me any. More important things in life to get upset over then someone favoriting my items/shop.
Yup, I agree. But it sure is puzzling when a whole bunch of hearts turn up unexpectedly in bunches. Nice to know the explanation, at least.
I got a real favorite today also YAY. It was nice to see a real one.
What about me?! Do I have spammers?

I'm worried now!
There's nothing to worry about Ashley - they can't do any harm, they are just an annoyance.

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