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Sponsored Ads Not allowed in category

I just did a search in Vintage- for Jewelry. ALL FOUR sponsored ads that popped up were BRAND NEW ITEMS.

I hope this is a glitch.

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I thought sponsored ads could pop up wherever the adwords appeared? Did they change it so it is no longer cross-category?
Sponsored ads will appear wherever the keywords are used.

Finished handmade items will appear in supplies, vintage will show in handmade, etc.
Why does this seem nonsensical to me? Is that not a waste of the ad money for the ad purchaser? If I am specifically searching for vintage, I do NOT want new!

It seems very, very mis-leading. I do not think it would be difficult to filter the results, now, would it?

Especially as the top category for actual vintage is "Vintage", LOL....

Thanks for explaining, Runz and Crochetgal....

imo the ads are a little screwy. I want two separate campaigns to run, and having non-vintage in an area that has enough trouble keeping the integrity of vintage intact is just weird..
Hey, Mystic, that is exactly what I think. People who search for new do NOT want vintage, and vice versa.

This is just diluting the integrity of ALL categories, and is only going to cause confusion.

We already know that many do not read the descriptions. Imagine someone ordering a wedding dress and getting a vintage one!

I fail to see the good that can possibly come out of Etsy mixing categories. What is the point of even HAVING categories of the search returns false results?

It would be like Google giving you search results that includes sex toys when you search on babies. One COULD argue that they are tangentially related, but I don't think most people would think so.

Just MHO.

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:20 pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT
Search ad impressions have never been category relevant. Which is why I never used them after my 10 hour experiment on the first day the feature was available.

There is a test feature I have for the FP treasury that shows up only when I am not signed in. Under each photo in the treasury is a link to supposedly "ximilar items". Except they are not similar. The tag keywords Etsy is using in this test are not the category, sub cat, or what the item is.. Similar items to, say, a vintage ice bucket are not all vintage items, all ice buckets, or something logical -- the similarity does not involve a noun, or name of the item. Instead, Etsy shows you items also tagged with some adjective from their current marketing push list, a mixture of handmade and vintage items tagged with a word like "mod". Or "party". Or "picnic". This is not how I shop.

This is apparently the new form of category being considered for Etsy where adjectives control relevance, not the category or name of the item.
oh wow...not worth the money!!!
What bugs me is if I am looking for things that are local - ie in the UK, it will still show me sponsored adverts from other countries.

I have lost count of the number of times I have clicked one and it has been from someone who doesn't even ship to the UK. A waste of my time and a wasted impression for them :(

I would have assumed that if I said 'show me only local things' then that would be what I would get, wouldn't you?

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