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Direct Checkout from a buyers point of view

We all know that when you use Direct Checkout as a seller, your funds are not deposited into your account until a certain number of days after the item has shipped. But did you know that when you purchase an item using DC, the transaction is billed to your credit card immediately? According to one of the major credit card companies, “a merchant can charge you before shipment only if s/he tells you and you agree to the terms and conditions of the sale." I recently purchased something from another Etsy shop using a credit card and Direct Checkout and I don't recall agreeing to anything like this, nor can I find this information in Etsy's Direct Checkout Terms of Use. Am I missing something?

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My apologies. We have published DOs and DONT's on the site which can be found here:

Sellers are requested to post clear estimated shipping dates as well as return policies, which can be pointed to when a buyer has a dispute about a transaction. We assume that a buyer has read this available information on the listing page before checking out.

The card network rules you might be referring to are in place with some ecommerce sites to manage the risk that you may not receive an item because the site is erroneously indicating that an item is available. We expect our sellers to manage this messaging and timing within their shop and we also have other systems in place to manage this risk, making sure buyers have a seamless experience.

In the event that you do not receive the item when you believed you should, we try to determine if the listing was set up with the required information - at the time of the purchase specifically - and if other DOs and DON'Ts were followed. Then, we manage your dispute or chargeback accordingly.

We believe the intention of the rules you mention is being met on across the site through various other risk mitigation avenues.


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Its probably buried in the TOUs you agreed to when you first made your account.

you know, the ones no one reads because they're 200+ pages long.
It's no different from shopping anywhere else using a credit card.
It would be no different than using your credit card with paypal. paypal charges at the time of purchase as well not at the time of shipment.
Good luck w/that DC. I had one sale that was a two day headache. Soon as I got the customer taken care of, I shut DC off for ever!
Still never got paid. Doubt I ever will! Lesson learned!
Mary, I've never had the ship date and the post date be the same, unless the item shipped out immediately. It's very different.
Yep, every credit card out their including debit cards bill you instantly.
Lisa Kane from JustPadz

Changed from LilBoppers on May 3, 2012

Yep, every credit card out their including debit cards bill you instantly.


Lisa: Not all of them do.

Joanna: With Paypal, the buyer pays right away, but the seller receives their money immediately. They don't have to wait until they ship the item.
So is it the part that you are billed right away as a buyer that bothers you or that you have to wait to get paid as a Seller?

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