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Direct Checkout from a buyers point of view

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:34am May 30, 2012 EDT edited

this rule for when a business has an item listed that appears to be available and ready to ship, then its not for some reason. because you bought that listing with the expectation that it would be shipped right away, that is what you agreed to in that listing, and the seller cannot fulfill their end of the agreement, therefore they cannot charge you
Sorry Patti - should have said "question" not "complaint". :)

My point is when you purchase something that says it will be sent in "x amount of time" you are charged when you make the transaction and purchase the item, not when it's shipped.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:40am May 30, 2012 EDT
when you go to any B&M and order a custom item, they tell you that they require upfront payment. when you hand them your card, you are agreeing to that.

same applies here, when the listing or policies state that it will be shipped in 3 weeks, then you enter your card info and pay, you are agreeing to those terms
Artisan says:

when their listing or policies states that it would be 3 weeks until shipped and you clicked that BUY button and entered your CC info, you agreed to those terms.

and etsys TOU dont matter for this issue, you are not actually buying from etsy. what is in the sellers listings and policies is what matters concerning this issue


And there's the answer to my question! Thank you!
Patti from PattiKuz says

Lisa: Not all of them do.

Joanna: With Paypal, the buyer pays right away, but the seller receives their money immediately. They don't have to wait until they ship the item.


As a favor to the sellers, paypal makes the funds available immediately. Paypal actually does not have the funds available immediately to them, so they do take a risk in doing this, but at the same time they have a registered account and verified so the actual risk is very minor.

Paypal is just a processor, and Etsy is a venue that is also trying to make the purchase process easier for all parties. This is a bit different than just processing the payment.

Sellers who use the DC need to have all the back side finished and cleaned up, actually all sellers need to do this. I have items that I got delivered several months ago that are still not marked as shipped.

I actually like the way the DC is setup to work. If a seller can not do the few things that are needed for Etsy to release the funds, then they should not use DC, and just stick with Paypal.

DC is a much easier path to payment than Paypal, because there is no redirect involved in the process. At my web-site during the holidays I had several transactions that were not completed. For the ones that filled out the ship to info, I was able to contact them and see what happened, and each time it was a problem on the redirect to Paypal, or they forgot their Paypal user info, or they could not figure out how to change there CC number. I have changed to an inline system now and all payment are done just like this DC here, I have not had any more unfinished transaction s since.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:11am Dec 31, 2013 EST
Can someone help me please!!!! I sold 2 items lately Dec 24 DC but I had not received any payment yet. It was supposed to show up in my account Dec 30 but did not. In the mind time I all ready shipped the items and I can't contact anyone on etsy to tell me where my money is. Is not in the etsy holing funds and not in my account. What I am supposed to do? Thanks
Did you receive the e-mail from Etsy that said your funds were being transferred to your bank account today? If so, you just need to be patient. It could be up to 3-5 business days before your bank actually posts the deposit to your account.
Your funds are being processed by your bank. It normally takes 2 to 3 days, but might take longer with the holidays. Just be patient and give it a few more days.
If the customer is able to write an Echeck it can take two weeks to clear. This can happen in PayPal but I don't know if it happens in DC.
No such thing as an echeck with DC, all purchases are made via a credit or debit card.
I don't understand the issue, DC is the same as using your credit card on any web site, your card is billed and processed when you check out. As for the merchant getting paid even with my merchant account which charges the customer the same day, it can take up to four business days for it show up in my bank account. On etsy the merchant can move the move the money daily to deposit by clicking on deposit earlier, except for Friday because the money is already scheduled to deposit on Monday.
Good grief. There are worse problems than this. I don't think anyone reads the entire threads here. And yes, sometimes they are long. Everyone's so fixated on making their own point, they don't really care what anyone else says. I may have to take a break from the forums for a while. This gets really tedious. I know I'll never read another thread about bad reviews. They oughta ban that one!
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:14am Jan 1, 2014 EST
Just some clarification here - with DC, you don't HAVE to ship before getting paid. That's only a condition applied to new shops during the first 90 days after their first sale on Etsy. Once your first sale is more than 90 days in the past (and, presumably, you don't have any major black marks against your name on Etsy for failing to ship orders, etc), funds from a sale are available for deposit 24 hours after the sale goes through. Reading between the lines, and if I understand how credit card companies work, I figure Etsy is advancing you the funds while Etsy waits to receive them from the credit card company.
Not disagreeing, but this is a ZOMBIE THREAD that should probably remain dead and buried.

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:49pm Jan 1, 2014 EST
Oops! Sorry about that - saw the dates on the most recent posts and didn't spot that it was a zombie thread. Bad Donna!!!

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