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Drastic drop in sales and views?

Hello :)

I've had 90 sales since February 7th, 2012 when I had my first sale after opening a new shop on January 24th, 2012. I sold a good amount of bracelets in February and March, but I had a huge chunk of my sales in April. I had plenty of views in April, I had admirers on new listings in a short amount of time, and I was beginning to be added onto treasury lists. I thought to myself that my Etsy shop was really growing and it made me very happy to think that my hard work was paying off. May came around and though I've sold some bracelets, I haven't sold as many as I was expecting I would. In fact, I've sold LESS than I did in February and I've even made less money. I feel like I've been punched in the gut and I feel like I'm doing something wrong all the sudden even though I haven't changed anything. I even started search ads at $10 a week hoping that I would sell something or get more views, I get maybe 15 views a day at the most from them. I average around 60-80 views a day shop + listings combined. I used to get at least 100+ views a day. Also.. when friends or family search for "wrap bracelets" they told me that they would see 2-3 of my bracelets within the first 3 pages, and apparently they don't anymore.

I've been reading around and I guess I'm not the only one with this problem. I've read that Etsy is changing the way listings show up in searches? I suppose that's what's causing the problem for many Etsy sellers. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


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I really think it is at least partly because of the time of year. I usually get 1000 views a day and mine have dropped drastically to about 300-400. So I am just going to work on getting ahead and getting organized and not stress about it. I bet things turn around within a few weeks. Post mothers day is always slow as we head into Memorial Day and end of school.

If you were doing well before, you will again. Don't stress!
Hi:) I got the same situation too. Sale decreasing but I hope for it would get better on next month:)
My sales have took forever for me to start getting sales...I personally don't see myself getting many views but im getting sales out of im not gonna complain:) This is my month...finally:)
Warm weather, Weddings, Graduations...
People are busy outside...
I would jump for joy if I got 300-400 views a day, not that I don't sympathize with what you're saying! Hope things turn around soon for you!
It's going to get even worse during the summer vacations. Don't worry it will pick up again in fall.
may has been very slow for me, others have had a great month. It is so hard to know what causes it
I'm having a problem from selling $150 day to now $50 a day and have noticed that when I go to my shop and type in bc24 an item number for a teapot charm that it doesn't show up at all. I last sold it May 4 and renewed it, it doesn't say sold out by it so it's been renewed. I also checked under my bill and I was billed when I renewed it but it's nowhere. Now I've found about 20 items that are not showing up that I paid to relist out of the 35 I looked up today. Does anyone else have that problem, I reported it to etsy I'm sure they'll get back with me since they have great customer service but I don't know how long I've beeen paying for renewals and getting nothing. If you go to the shop and look thru the charms you'll find it but if you type in the item numbers or word teapot is shows nothing. What do I do to fix this??
May has been way down for me. april was great. I think it's the 'after mother's day' thing. Now people can go to outside shows, they are doing other things. I'm sure it'll pick back up.

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