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Opening Multiple Stores

Hi. Can anyone give me any advice on what the best way is to open a second or third store? Do you have to have a different email address for each store. I currently have one store, and have just opened a second. I am considering opening a third with vintage items, but I just don't want to have three different emails and do the juggling. Is there a better way?????

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Nope. :( I wish there was; I have two stores and already find myself neglecting the new one because I can only take care of one at a time.
I'd agree with Julie on this one. It can be trouble having to juggle too many things at once. I'd say just expand your new store to take care of the other products you might wish to carry. Variety is good, and someone that might take a look at one of your items might purchase something completely different due to keeping your listings all in one place.
I hope you have success and prosperity in your endeavors. :)
Thanks. Sigh... I thought I saw something in the forums about this a few weeks ago and I can't find the thread now. So when I see someone has three stores, it means they have three different emails??? Really?
I have three with a different email for each. It can be a bit of a pain but it's worth it not to have everything jumbled up and no way to sort them with only 10 categories.
For me the issue isn't categories. It's not wanting to mix my finished items with my supply items.
Yes! That's my problem - mixing vintage items with finished art pieces. I can't see how they would work together at all. I guess giving it a go is the thing. I can always close one if it doesn't work out. Is easy likely to change this though?
Typo - I mean, is etsy likely to change this?
There was talk last year sometime about being able to manage multiple stores under one account, but I don't think we've heard anything since.

With multiple shops, just remember to disclose all your accounts in each account--which includes buyer only accounts too--as per Etsy's TOU's. I've heard of shops being closed due to not disclosing another account.

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