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Watching many thousands of items on a wish list.??

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Hi Barbara! I greatly admire & appreciate what you do. I too am a caregiver, my mom has been quadriplegic since 2003 & we spend lots of time on Etsy favoriting things we like. It's like the modern day catalog game! And I've purchased lots of the things we heart! I use it as a kind of shopping list. Gifts for her, my husband, myself, the whole fam! It helps lots since I am unable to work outside the home, money is tight, so I have to scrimp & save to buy most anything.
As a shop owner though, I encourage people to favorite all they want! Nothing harmful comes from it & it generally gets more people to see our items via activity feeds. So I don't really see a problem or reason to complain.
I mostly favourite things I would love to buy but just don't have the spare dollars for right there and then. When I ever get any spare cash, I will go through my favourites and make a purchase, which I have done in the past. Some things, though, I favourite just because I really love them - but for things like wall decor - you can only have so much on your walls!
I think I have 15,000 items faved.

I love them all.

End of story. :D
I have bought a few things on etsy, they all lived in my favourites for. Quite a while while I thought about it! I sell wedding bunting, lots of brides to be fill their faves with possible purchases, then when they are ready they go back and make their decisions!
I heart and run.........hehehe!

I keep things in my favorites mainly to make treasuries to promote other artists and sometimes just because it's pretty to look at. I sometimes go back through my favorites when it's time to buy a gift for someone. I take any hearts as a complement but would never expect anyone to buy the item.
If the heart comes from a seller, and they have lots and lots in their favorites, they are probably favoriting to build a list for using in treasuries.

If it's from a customer, they may be saving it for later, or doing price comparisons, etc.

I usually add items to my cart that I intend to buy or bookmark them in my browser. My Etsy favorites are too big for me to keep track of my personal wish list because I make a lot of treasuries.

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