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Somebody is using my pictures!

I did a Google search with my shops name and I found a website using my rainbow cake earrings picture as a free E-card. On the top of the picture it says, Rainbow cake earrings by Cutetreats on Etsy but there's not a link to my shop anywhere. I'm not sure what to do since the E-cards are free which means they are not getting money from my picture but I just feel is wrong to use it without my permission.

My boyfriends says it's free advertising and that I should not worry about it. I don't know what to do... What do you guys think?

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If you don't want them using your picture then tell them that. It doesn't matter if they are making money off of it or not - it is your picture, and they have no right to use it without your permission.
I agree with SnugBug- they have no right. Can't believe they'd do that without asking. Maybe they thought you wouldn't mind because they mentioned your shop. But still...

Although I also agree with your boyfriend's "free advertising" angle. But you have to decide how YOU feel about it.
I think the free advertising angle/ part is great! However, if it is against your wishes, tell them so. Good Luck!
Oh my gosh. That would make me flattered but still very mad because there is no link to your site AND they never even asked. You should figure out how to contact them and tell them to at least include the link to your shop.
It is tough.. I don't know what I would do about it. I would probably say that my photos are copyrighted, and if she wishes to use any of my photos to ask permission. Then I may offer a cross promotion opportunity, where she could offer the card provided there is a clear visible link to my shop/ or product.

Your charm would go great with a matching card :)

If you decide to grant her permission.. otherwise send a cease and desist

I agree with Ashley. Ask them to provide the link to your shop..
Free advertising is besides the point. What if they had used or decide to use your photo for something obscene? That would be free advertising too and probably not something you would want to be associated with. I would definitely contact them, inform them that they need to ask permission to use anything they find on the internet, regardless of what they use it for and if they charge for it or not. If you are willing to let them use your photo for a fee or just a link, let them know that.
i said delete the picture or link to my website :)
If they are making money from your photos they should be paying you.

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