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Please remove the ads from etsy

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Beautiful shop, Sky!
Ads? What ads?
I am still having this problem. I am not sure where to find preferences in Firefox. It has only been happening for a few days now, but super frustrated about it and I was really happy to find out that it is not something that ETSY has started, not do happy that I cannot figure out what my problem is though. I have Norton and have run everything i can, I am not finding anything yet. I cleared my cookies, history, looked at my add-on and did not see anything. Oh please help, Id appreciate any suggestions. I have windows 7, use Firefox and my kids do use this computer. Thanks everyone!
It does indeed sound like you have malware... but after you fix that, try AdBlock Plus, which you download for free I cannot recommend highly enough for removing ads from sites that DO have them. It works so well, it thinks your shop banner is an ad so you have to make an exception for so you can see it, LOL.
If you have Norton, call them. they can fix this remotely These things are viruses and even Norton is no match for the newest ones, but if you call Norton, they fix it right in front of your eyes.

I've had this happen TWICE and I called Norton both times. Unfortunately they do charge extra to do this, but you know what, it's better than having your computer destroyed, which had also happened to me because of Malware. Don't wait, using your computer may fry it...seriously.
Ha ha, small celebreations all around, It all worked after I restarted my computer, NO MORE ADDS. Oh so happy. The add on I had was, Coupon Companion, that was the one that was causing me to have adds. You are all so wonderful and helpful! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!. :)
Angelika, do you think I am okay now that I dont have any more ads?
Yes, if you don't see ads and you have Norton, you should be fine. I just wanted to tell everyone that if your computer is acting wonky - like ads, or pop-ups that say your account has been compromised, click here, or something like that, run, don't walk to have it fixed. I literally lost a laptop about 5 years ago that way. I don't know how malware can fry your actual hardware, but there are a lot of mean people in the world who know how. I love Norton, you can call them 24/7 and they can help with that stuff...
Lucy! You're probably safe now. I suggest you also try Spybot it's also free, and always cleans up the adware for me. Search the forums for more good advice. This is very common!
But there are ads in the search results for certain etsy items, every few rows or so. I really would pay to have those gone because adding those up they each take a third of a page...
This thread from 4 years ago was about some kind of malware the OP had gotten from downloading something.

The etsy "ads" are in the top row and the middle row of each page. They are the "Promoted Listings."

They are only in two places, as I mentioned, the top and middle rows of a search.

They are a way etsy makes money, which helps keep fees low!

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