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Not-so-honest People...

I guess I'm just wanting some feedback/opinions from other sellers on this...

I made a boo-boo.
I sold an item, about 2 weeks ago, and sent out the wrong, but very similar item. I just noticed the error today. There is a price difference of $30 between the two - to the buyers benefit.

The item was received last week and no FB was given by the buyer. No convo either. This person Must have noticed the item she received was not the item she purchased... but did not contact me about it. I left her positive FB yesterday, before I realized my mistake (wish I hadn't done that).

So, I sent her a convo today telling her I realized my mistake. I told her the cost of shipping the one back to me, and me shipping out the one she purchased, would come to nearly the difference in price between the two items and was not worth it as far as I was concerned. I asked her to let me know if she was alright with keeping the one she received in place of the one she ordered.
I have not received a reply (not surprised there).

I really just wanted her to know that I knew there was a mistake, I knew she knew it too, and I knew that she decided to keep quiet about receiving a more valuable item than what she paid for, hoping I wouldn't notice, I'm sure.

First I was mad at myself for making the mistake, but now I'm more ticked-off with her. Sure, I made the mistake of shipping the wrong item, but, if it was me on the receiving end, knowing I had been sent something of a greater value than what I had paid for, I would have contacted the seller and asked, "What's the deal here?" And, if I liked the "wrong" item better and wanted to keep it, I would have offered to pay the difference in price. But that's just me.

I'd just like to know how others would have handled this situation, and if I should try to contact her again, or just let it go?

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I would let it go. It was your mistake, it isn't the buyers fault.
Let it go. If you get yourself worked up,taking it personally, judging her for not sending it back, it will not end well. It was your mistake.
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I agree with Angela. You made the mistake and you are making assumptions about your customer. That's not cool. If it were me and I saw this post, I would not be a happy customer....just saying.
it's possible she just doesn't care about the difference and doesn't mind keeping what she received. As a business decision, I would probably just apologies, tell her to please keep the one that she received an you would be sending out the actual item she ordered as well. Noone wants the hassle of returning something due to the sellers error.

Make it as easy as possible for the customer (and as quick as possible too to avoid bad feelings) and if she is satisfied and chooses to leave feedback that's great. Lots of people just buy things online and are not so "Etsy" centric like many of us sellers are (no I'm not on Etsy 10 hours a day... :)

Otherwise, if you don't hear anything, I would assume she is satisfied with her purchase. It happens to all of us, human error. Try to shake it off and if needed, change things so that it's easier to relate materials to purchases if items are really similar.

Happy sales!
Hi, Sandy! I would just let it go as well. It was your mistake, not hers. I accidentally sent the complete wrong thing once, realized my error, sent a convo and the original order. I considered it good customer service to let the customer keep both items sent since I made the mistake. The customer was thankful, left great feedback and has returned to my shop since. Good luck to you!
Well you did say they were very similar, maybe she didn't even notice the difference? A lot of buyers buy their item on Etsy and then never log back in. So, she may not have gotten your convos anyway.

Either way, I'd let it go and chalk it up to experience. You made a mistake. No need to let it make you angry at someone else.
Some people rarely check online for messages, some don't even open their packages right away. Who knows, maybe the customer still has the product in the box somewhere. Maybe he/she was meaning to message you but is way too busy with other things. I would just wait it out, if you don't hear anythng, oh well, at least you don't have an irrate customer on your hands :)
You dont know what shes knows. Not everyone is as familiar with your inventory as you are. Plus you said it was pretty similar. What she might remember is "oh im excited to get this ____ I ordered with big yellow circles all over it! it was so cute!"

And maybe that IS what she got, completely missing the differences. Ya never know. She still has feedback on you, so be careful :D Forums are public, and this one will no doubt be closed soon for discussing a specific transaction.

Sorry about the mistake though. That stinks.
Yes, it was my mistake and not the buyer's fault that I sent the wrong item.
However, do you think she would have kept quiet if the items had been reversed - she paid for the higher-priced item and received the lower-priced item?
I think not.

I just feel bad that she did not contact me about this when she got the package.
"Woo-hoo Honey, look what I got in the mail today - a really nice item that I didn't have to pay for!"

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