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Shipping label not printed

I went to paypal to buy postage...NOT the one I posted about in the other post. This one is not international. I did all the stuff and the printer did nothing. I went to check it and it was on PAUSE, and it had the information there for the label. I got it out of pause and the label info went away. It did not print the label. BUT, it shows as shipped and it got paid to PO. I did the void request and seems it will take days to be approved by the PO........15 days, maybe............What do I do? does not have where to re print for postage. Still shows the postage paid and instead of showing shipped on the purchase it shows REFUND. Am I supposed to refund to buyer?.......Let the buyer know that her shipment will wait a long time to go?........Take package to PO and get one there?.........Anybody go through this?......I did notice that when I click at DETAILS. All information is there and is it possible to ship from there?

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You hit the wrong option. Next time don't void it. You can reprint a shipping label as needed for the first 24 hours through paypal (as needed as in if you make a mistake, not unlimited times, lol). At this point you're probably better off just taking it to the post office and sending it and then just wait for your postage refund through paypal.;jsessionid=WmKGKtxTljDV162hndNJk... erg long hyperlink
go to details on the transaction or the postage transaction and there is an option to reprint your label there. You have I think three or four attempts to reprint before it makes you void and start over. You also have (I think) about 24-48 hours to reprint.
Since you voided the first label (which wasn't necessary, you could have just reprinted the first label), you'll need to print another shipping label through Paypal. Your customer received an email about the first shipping label being cancelled; when you purchase the second label, an email with the new delivery confirmation # will be sent. No need to refund the buyer.

As Samantha already said, next time just reprint it to avoid the hassle of waiting for a refund from Paypal/USPS.

@beesocks, she already voided the first label so she can't reprint it anymore. She'll need to purchase a totally new shipping label.
just print another (fresh, brand new) label and explain to the customer that the first shipping notice (if you sent one) is incorrect and here is the new tracking number.
I meant to say in the future she can reprint if it happens again :P
Thanks, I have calmed down. I will go back now and see what I can fix. I think I know what I did wrong. After the NO LABEL I went back to my overview instead of checking around where now I see the option of re printing.........I just kept thinking of the buyer waiting around weeks for the purchase....Am learning, Thanks again HHH
may I ask why you would have to make the buyer wait weeks for her purchase? Even if you can't reprint, you could just make a new label and ship it out. It does take about 10 - 14 days for you to get your refund for the original label but you will get it.
On paypal if you look at the invoice, it says send another like this, click that and make another label like that. I think it's at the bottom of the details page.

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