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suspicious email direct to my etsy email address i use - PLEAE HELP!!! =(

Ok... I just received a weird and suspicious email this morning to
My private email I use for my etsy shop, from an Email address labled: ""
The subject line was: "Hi from ETSY" but it of course was not safely
Linked to etsy at all...
The email was as followed, and I did NOT click on any link, only b/c it was already weird. And I know not to click on links from weirdos asking
Me to log into anything with my personal info... please, if anyone can
Help it'd be great...
The other weird thing, is after I received this Email I was written by another
Etsy shop owner telling me of this same issue, as she too received this weird email, but that she thought it was originally addressed to me??? What??? Lol
I don't get any of this this morning. Lol
And the email from them, was actually in my etsy inbox legitimately. Lol
The following email is the private suspicious one I received:


"I saw your product on ETSY,i love thm,i am willing to patronise you .but i want to show you a product similar to what i saw on your shop on ETSY.
I took a picture of it then i uploaded on Gmail.
You will have to click or copy this link below to your web browser ,then you will log in to view the pics.
If you use yahoo you can click or copy this link to your web browser

If you use gmail use click or copy to your web browser

just click it or copy and paste to your web browser then you log in the page that comes up.
for your information the link works with virtually all email addresses,just log in with your usual email ID and Password,it will only redirect you to the picture page.
let me know if you got it i just want to know if you have something similar to that please reply as soon as you get this.
your customer in the making."


I need to know what's going on, and if this is an etsy based virus...
b/c it truly needs to stop ASAP!!! =(
All I know if you aren't ever supposed to click or log into anything you don't know,
I learned this the hard way a while back ago...
Thanks to anyone who helps...!

Mamzelle Rivaleka <3

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Inactive Etsy Member 2:19pm Jun 3, 2012 EDT
It's a common scam e-mail. What makes you think it's an "Etsy virus"?
This looks like a phishing scheme. Note that even though they sent you an email, they don't even know what email domain you use. It is likely they send out thousands or hundreds of thousands of these every day. When the page comes up and you "log in" chances are your account and password will be recorded for their use.

This is not from Etsy.

Also, in the future, please edit your post to remove or break up the links so that those harmful links do not go live on the Forums. Thanks!
I just got this same email...I didn't click on it either but I thought it was suspicious also.....just wanted you to know.

Thanks, Joyce
Thanks Joyce,

Here is some information you may find helpful:

same of stuff different day
I just got this as well!
Hmm me also. I guess a lot of people got this today.
Is something crawling etsy to farm our contact e-mails perhaps since they are only going to Etsy sellers? That's worrisome.. I get audio notifications when I get e-mails to that e-mail account since it is just for work and so getting a bunch of spam there would be especially disruptive..
Hi there,

I'm going to wrap this one up, since it is a private matter. In the future if you have questions in regards to particular emails received, do not post them in the Forums, instead please reach out to our Support Team,

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Thank you!

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