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Overall site stats available for view?

I'm curious! I've always wanted to know what's selling on Etsy and what's hot. I know the FP is a good place to see what's trending, but is there a place to actually see what's being sold month to month? I just want to see who the top selling shops are and what they're selling and how they've set up their shops. There's a lot to be learned from those that have gone before and I'd love to see who these people are...
Anywhere to see these stats?

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:54pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT
I started a thread similar to yours. Your question is a good one but I would like to know how many visitors come to etsy in a day? I am curious to see how the etsy site is doing especially since I see so many people saying that their views and sales are down. Anywhere to see these stats?
This is something I'd be interested in too. It would be great in helping all of us improve our craft and the way we promote.
Michelle, views and sales are probably down because it's spring (at least in this part of the world). People are spending more time outdoors and less at their computers. Also saving for vacations and such, so not spending as much money on non-necessities. I've noticed this trend the last several years in my other shops.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:10pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT
Thanks, Donna.

It's good here how business has been in the past as I am new.

I am interested also. Is it posted someone on this site?
I wish I knew! I think it would be so valuable to get an overall picture! I have my own shop stats which are individual for me alone but I want to see what's trending and where...I'd also love to see it broken down by country. These would help my shop and my line as I know they'd help a ton of others out as well.
I think you can find the top sellers on, but they only tell how many sales the shop has had. Not numbers. I really woundn't want my numbers to be listed. It seems too personal.
craftcount will tell you the top 10 sellers in each category, and the amount they sold.
I found a site that will give you some detail about visitors to Etsy. You can sign up for a free account, at to see some of the details for one website, but if you want to compare sites, and see other comparables you can view Plans & Pricing for different info.

Prices are WAY OUT of my budget!!

Anyway, I signed up for the free account, for the heck of it and out of curiosity. It shows 8.2M unique visitors at the end of April, 2012 for Etsy, 416K for Artfire, and a few more with even lower visitors. There is some other info as well, but not much.

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