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Searches - I give up

Each time I place a new item in my shop I do a search based on my tags to see if it comes up. I can say with all certainty that each and every time I do this I have NEVER found my items. I have tried to change my tags, align myself using tags other people are using WHO DO show up - but no matter what - I never ever see my items.
Since I do get sales, listing favorites and shop favorites I will assume that somewhere some people out there do find me - but I doubt they did it through a search!!
Does any one else find this to be true. I'm beginning to think all these search ads we are paying for the showcase etc etc are all for naught!

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I believe it takes several minutes for newly listed items to show up in the search.
When you list a new item, there should be a little blue notification that says: "Listing may take several hours before showing up in search..." or something very close to that. Lol :)

Hope this helps!
Are you renewing the listings occasionally to see if it helps to bring it up?

not only do new items take a while to show up at all, they also take a while to gain relevancy ranking from clicks in the more competitive searches.

You can check your Shop Stats to see how people are finding you
Yes, there is a delay for listings showing up! Try to search the next day!
Hi guys thanks - yes I know all those things and I know there is a delay but nevertheless I have never found one of my items ; (
Egaads - I just did a search for "spiral bound journal" in the Handmade section and it came up with 3,818 matches, on like 96 pages. Perhaps your listings are getting buried in the sea of journals. Ugh..
Well, your journals are truly lovely! Maybe it's time to branch out and make some other items in a category that isn't quite so saturated? Just my 2 cents...I also make journals using vintage elements and most of mine end up selling eventually but I also sell mostly vintage items in my shop so that's probably how people are finding mine, I'm not sure.
I do know that it helps to have a good variety of items to offer, at least my customers seem to appreciate it.
Best of luck!
Cathy, your titles might be confusing the algorithym. For example, the first on in your shop is entitled: "Journal Vintage Look II Handmade Spiral Bound"

It might be more effectively searched if you changed it to "Vintage Style Journal Handmade Spiral Bound"

I'm guessing that most people are going to be searching for a vintage style journal.

Also, your tags are: Paper Goods, Journal, journal, vintage, spiral bound, tags, treasures, lists, writing pad, drawing pad, envelopes, kits, hard cover, diary, journalling

Perhaps you could add: Notebook, vintage style, ephemera, graphics, memories

Also, I didn't see a list of the materials. That can help with being found in the search too, so add paper, spiral, notebook, treasures, tags, etc to your materials list.

I hope this helps get you seen!

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