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Controversial Vintage Item....list or not?

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:53 am Jun 6, 2012 EDT
I went to an auction this weekend and bought a few lot boxes and in the bottom of one of the boxes, there was a vintage knife in a bag that had not been opened in plastic.
It is a Vintage Political knife from 1992 of David Duke, and it says vote david duke for president on one side and loyal order kkk/gop on the other and it shows a hooded kkk figure..
I dont want it, and I buy stuff to list..but this one is bothering me.
I know there is a market out there for this kind of stuff..political memorabilia, kkk items and so on but I am on the fence about this item. I looked to see if anyone else sold items that had to do with the kkk and there are a few items listed...
Whats your opinion on it?

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I would throw it away! Blech! Bad karma.
If you do decide to sell it, I'd try eBay rather than here. Etsy sometimes (always?) takes down listings that "promote hate."

I tend to agree with Jenni though. Why pass on something with that message to it.
I wouldn't go there, personally. I might try it on eBay, though. Or Cragislist?
Though, one time I put a vintage 1950s Lone Ranger cap gun and holster on Craigslist for sale and some one on the site reported it and it got removed and I got a stern email about prohibited items. Even though it was a toy.
Bad juju !
I would see if someone like the National Civil Rights Musuem has any interest in that sort of "memorabilia." If not, I would pitch it--I wouldn't sell it or profit from it.
Weapons of any kind are not allowed on Etsy.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:59 am Jun 6, 2012 EDT
Thanks yellow
I am looking it up now.. to contact them.
thanks all...
If it makes you uncomfortable to sell, perhaps you can see if there are any museums and/or group exhibits that you can donate it to.

Perhaps google and see what associations would be most interested. The anti-defamation league sponsors exhibits on all types of bias, and if it's not of interest, maybe they can point you in the right direction or provide a contact.
Cross posted with YellowHouse, but agree -- start with them and see.

But don't pitch it. Especially a weapon of any kind.

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