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Controversial Vintage Item....list or not?

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:39 pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT
Thanks, HouseBathory. That wasn't one of the defs Wikipedia gave but it fits Norma's context better.
Karen and Tina from FallenAngelBrass says Edited on Jun 8, 2012

Catbooks1940s from Catbooks1940s says

Karen and Tina from FallenAngelBrass says Edited on Jun 7, 2012

Jennifer, there are black Americans who collect vintage mammy figurines and dolls - presumably buy them. Would you consider this wrong? Just curious - not baiting.
Whoopie Goldberg has mentioned her collection on many occasions.


that's what i was wondering. i see jennifer's answered. but the fact is, if people collect these things - the people who were harmed by those who made them - well, someone's got to sell the items for those people to collect them.

i kind of don't get wanting to collect them, but then i'm not black.


Catbooks, this is a thoughtful comment from the blog that I linked to on page 15. This reader eloquently explains why some people value the preservation of historical objects that we have since deemed to be culturally and personally offensive or dangerous.
"I have a large collection of Mammy dolls and do not find them offensive. Once I did, I grew up during the 60's and Angela Davis and Black Power were my role models. Mammy did not fit my image of a strong Black woman.

However, as we age,hopefully we acquire some wisdom. I realized that Mammy was indeed a very strong Black woman who paved the way for a Angela Davis ! She had to endure slavery, Jim-Crow laws and racism. Behind that smile was an intelligent person who often had to hide how smart she really was so that she did not threaten or offend others.

Mammy worked hard rearing white children as well as her own while suffering abuse, sometimes even physical and sexual abuse.
Still she suffered in silence and "served with dignity and pride" so that we do not have to,

We owe Mammy, who could be our own Mothers, Grandmothers, etc, who have experienced similar hardships in work situations. Mammy should be admired, we owe her our thanks not our shame."


thanks for posting that, karen. that i can understand.

i'm unsure why the person who posted about finding negro in a children's book is so shocked. it was never a derogatory term, any more than caucasian, unlike the *other* N word. now that would shock me.

it's true that 'colored' was the polite term, back when. but you know, i'd completely forgotten that the naacp stands for the national association of *colored* people! that does kind of surprise me, although i can see their not wanting to change the whole name of the organization.

beyondthelilypad, it's frustrating, but i'm afraid this is just the way forum threads go. some people read all the way through long threads, others read the first few pages and the last few, others read the first page or the op and comment.
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