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Just Created My "About" Page...

I was a little reluctant to start this because of what some of you were saying about problems and bugs, but I had no trouble at all - except with the image sizes. I tried to resize them to fit better and show the entire item, but that didn't work. I wrote the long shop description in Word first and copied it to the text box. Easy-peasy.

How's it look?

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Nice! I like the variety of the pictures in the slide show and your personal story. :)
You look good! Funny story about "Yacket" reminds me of the Jennifer Lopez bit on South Park :-)
Pretty cool! I like it alot! Working on mine soon.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:03am Jun 8, 2012 EDT
It looks nice! :)

I need to do mine soon...I'm having trouble coming up with ideas.
I just did mine and I LOVE it! Maybe it will inspire you to make yours, soon!!!
I can't wait to add some "shop" pics!
Awe shucks guys, y'all are too nice.
"You look good" Lol Yes, I have a nice aged patina.

I considered using a real photo of me (for about a second) and decided not to.
Really nice page, Sandy! I love that you included Sweet Pea! I have a very vocal Blue and gold macaw that oversees my work each day too! He is always asking me "What are you doing? What the hell is that? .....among other things.....
I just did part of mine....but haven't done the actual story yet! Have to try to come up with something creative.
Very NICE, JP!
I think a photo of you wearing you pj's would be cute!

Lol! My Sweet Pea says, "What are you doing?" and "What was that?!"too.
He doesn't cuss though - which is surprising because he is in my sewing room, if you know what I mean! Lol

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