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Question on Treasury Curtating

I haven't made many treasuries, but on two of them, I have had items removed after the treasury has been posted. The first one I went to her shop and found a similar item which also was removed. I contacted her and asked about it. She was evasive and said she was "re-arranging" her shop. When I went back to her shop, she had removed every item which might fit in that spot.

So now, it has happened again. I just joined a couple of teams and was trying to "help promote" my team members. The whole purpose of the treasury was to do that, but I had to go outside the team to keep with the theme. One of the items was removed and it was a team members. Should I add another of his/her items or contact her or use a similar item from another shop. On this particular item there are plenty out there.

My treasuries aren't great or anything, but I didn't think they were so bad that people wouldn't want to be associated with them...

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You may be reading more into it than you think.

If an item has expired, or has been deleted by the shop owner for another reason, or has been deactivated by the shop owner, it will be removed from your Treasury.

That may be what has happened, and it may not be an intentional removal by the shop owner. :)

You can just replace the removed items. :)
Thanks, you are probably correct, but two out of four treasuries is pretty coincidental.

On looking into this I found that she has also removed her shop from the team. The idea of the team was to help promote each other, so that was one of my motivations in doing it. She has a similar item in her shop, but I think I'll go to another shop for the item because of the last one.
I wouldn't contact the shop. Just choose another item either from their shop or a different shop altogether
Lately I have had trouble - I make a treasury and all is well until I hit save and then there are only 15 items.
The I forget what it was in the 16th slot.
I think it comes from editing the treasury and moving things around (to make it look balanced, spread out the colours etc)
But it only recently started happening.
Sometimes when editing an item can "come loose" and get dragged around by the mouse but then it won't stick and I have to click all around to get it to stay put.
So maybe it is a glitch

You could be correct as well. I did it pretty late last night, (well early this morning) Initially the treasury was completely dropped (I blamed that on my computer) but since I had just spent three hours on it, I re-did it (it only took 45 minutes the second time).

The items were all there last night, but I definitely need to get faster.
I have gone treasury nutz since Australia got its own front page. Now I am a big fish in a little pond! (Have had 5 on the Aussie FP so far)

I have made over 100 and this problem with items disappearing has only just started in the past day or so.

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