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Was it a scam?

I had a purchase that was processed thru PayPal, and as soon as I marked the item shipped, and sent the customer an email letting them know the item was on its way, there was a fraud claim filed with PayPal.

Fortunately, I had the item packaged, and was on my way to the mailbox when I checked my email and saw the notice from PayPal, so I hadn't shipped it yet. I issued a refund right away.

But does this happen? I know it could certainly be legit, but could it have also possibly been a scam?


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Phew, that was close! It definitely sounds like a possibility.
I had that happen on eBay once. I sold a Vera Bradley bag and as soon as I printed the shipping label with DC I received the same notice. Call PayPal now and tell them. I would do this before mailing your package.
Hmmmmmmm. Did the buyer have any feedback? I would also cancel the sale and then ask the buyer if there was an issue. Could it also be that they paid with CC through PP but didn't recognize the email notification?
A fraud claim against you\/ before you evne shipped the item?
Or was it the paypal user?

Glad to hear that you didn't lose anything.

If it was the buyer I would certainly report them to etsy.

Good Luck,
Yeah that sounds really sketchy! Glad you didn't ship!
Email the customer and check.

This has happened 4 times to me now and not one time did the customer know anything about it. You just have to wait for it to clear, it's an automatic paypal thing. It didn't clear one time for me and the customer disappeared, so I think that time it probably was a fraud or she just got bored of waiting for me to post!
I've had this happen a few times. Before assuming it's a scam, contact the buyer and let them know that you received a notice from Paypal. Of all the times this has happened to me, the buyer cancelled their credit card or something happened where they had to change their credit card. The buyer can easily call paypal to resolve it.
There could be other possibilities: identity theft that happened to be noticed the same time s/he purchased from you, not recognizing your name/email as the seller in Paypal, etc. You won't know until you ask. If the buyer never responds, least you didn't ship it yet.

Sometimes it can throw me off when I see "you authorized a payment to <personal name>" and didn't see that name anywhere in the shop I bought from. Could this be it?
Thanks for the suggestions! I will contact the buyer and see if there was some confusion. I hope that was it....

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