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Search Ads - $400 per month?

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lol your jellyfish...and 666 sales, impressive on a couple of levels! :~p
Thanks! Your pillow covers are beautiful, btw.

The number of sales in my shop is something I noticed, too...I won't mind at all when all of those sixes turn into sevens. ;)
Ok so just to reiterate, the last button in search ads is editable.
Does anyone know how to tell how much you paid in a certain week for search ads because I need to know. If I paid 140. as they had auto clicked me for, I am going to be furious

Nothing works better than talent, hard work and good luck......
I don't know about these search ads.

Susie -

Go into your shop stats, and from the drop down choose specific dates and put in the week you're looking for. When the results populate, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and it'll tell you how much you spent.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:18pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT
Oh, I didn't even notice the change! I used search ads when I first started to get my shop noticed, and it helped, but after a while, they don't do more than your shop can do on its own, so I took them off. Saved me a few bucks every month, which is good :)
If no one has given an answer yet as to why the price went up on search ads, it's because Etsy is now basing the prices off of keywords. For instance, the price per 1000 impressions if you use keyword "abstract" is $.87, whereas you hose the keyword "abstract art" and you pay $1.11 per 1000 impressions.

Here is the list of keyword prices:

And yes, Etsy SHOULD have put out a mass email to everyone using this. Mine went from 5/10/25 to 25/50/100.

(if this has already been mentioned, sorry!! I started skimming over the responses at about page 10! lol)
$7 for about 6,086 impressions
$14 for about 12,173 impressions
$21 for about 18,261 impressions

My listings for the last few months have been extremely limited (while I was making some serious life changes). I should get back in the swing of things soon. i wonder if the prices will change when I am more active...?
I tried the search ads. I stopped them because I ended up paying 10 cents per view and I was getting no sales and would have ended up giving Etsy LOTS of money for nothing.
Mine is even stranger..

Fill in the blank (it's an empty box)

wow, that different keyword cost seems crazy. not even a notice about it....
so it's based on how popular the keyword is.... kinda like google.
sticker is 0.60, tie onesie is $3.08 per 1k impressions
or no, it's not how etsy set it, but how it works out based on what people have done... so confused right now

$400 is only high if you're not getting a good amount of sales back. if from your stats you are making $4k from ads, then that is 10% and most would consider that good. if you're not making much you may need to rework your keywords so you aren't wasting impressions

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