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How do I ensure my Photographs to crop exactly how I want on the main image?

I tried searching "help" but it just says what size photos should roughly be.

How to I ensure that whatever part of the image I want in the main photgraph of the item will be shown without bits getting cut off!

I seem to be having a lucky draw right now if it works or not...

Any help REALLY appreciated! Thank you so much :)

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if you have some pictures that work, wouldn't you use that same size for the rest of your pictures?
I do just slightly wide of being square and that has worked for me.
I can upload the same size of a different product, but the important bits dont always end up neatly in the middle if you see what I mean!

Sometimes bits I really need in there get cut off.

Im trying to work out if what propotion of the centre of the image etsy is taking to feature in the centre.

Some sellers have it down to a fine art juding from photographs so I wonder if there is a technical guide?
I'm a baaaad example, Laya; my vertical pics are problematic. My gallery pics come out OK (they're a little more wide than square).

Here is some info from a past Thread. I hope this will be helpful to you.
Ohhh thank you Cheryl :)
There are two different crops for thumbnails that Etsy uses for the first picture, depending on whether it's gallery or list view. Gallery is approximately 5:4 while list is square 1:1. So you either need a square image that can be cropped at the top and bottom or a 5:4 image that can be cropped at the sides. The other 4 images all get a square thumbnail in your listings.
I like to use 1000 pixels wide by 900 and leave some background area especially top and bottom so that it doesn't get cut off. I guess this is almost square but slightly wider.
I just use a rectangle... if I do anything else, something gets cropped off.
I always crop to square, but then add a little back onto the sides so the whole square of what I want is visible even in gallery view...

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