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Relevancy, how relevant?

When there are hundreds of items all bearing more or less the same title and tags, how does relevency work? I am really confused.

38 Responses's a secret....
What is it?
I think number of views, orders and age also play a role, but it's not clear, I agree.
if everyone knew, it wouldn't be a secret
Actually, it really is a secret, both for here and for Google. We know roughly, but they don't tell us exactly how it works.
If everyone knew exactly how it worked, it wouldn't work anymore :)
Is that what it is? Marilyn, I also was wondering whether the age of one's shop matters along with the number of orders and views. But if that is true, it means giving more visibility to the already well-established sellers and obscuring the newcomers, which is not fair.
The secret is to sell something that is different from the rest. Even in some small unique way so this way you can seperate yourself from the pack. In terms of which items/shops get the most "weight" in terms of being more relevant than the next guy that is selling the same thing...well no two items are described, titled, and tagged word for word. So if one is being found more than the other it's because of the slight differences in keywords.

It's best you figure out who your *target market* is so that you know what keywords THEY are using in search to find your types of items. This way you become relevant to them. Nevermind what other sellers are doing. If you try to do what they do, you will become more and more invisible. Always be one-up from your competition!! ;)

Hope this makes sense.
Kadeeja, I am sure they do not give older shops preference, our views have dropped off a cliff in the last month, I was thinking they give newer shops a "push" and then move on.
Relevancy comes down to your psychic ability I think...

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