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help from admin or expd seller needed re:listings

I know I asked about this earlier, but I did more research and what I found is very upsetting/alarming, not all of my items are showing up in searches even when the search terms are in my tags.

If you type in sea shells as 2 words under Supplies, you get (as of 6:30pm 6/9) 119 pages in the search results. I have 17 products with sea shells in my tags and materials. However, when I went through all 119 pages, only 9 of my listings are shown. I don't show up until page 39 even though I recently added a couple of listings in the past few days.

What initially made me concerned is my lack of sales and views, so earlier this afternoon, under Supplies, I typed in natural seashells and natural sea shells and wasn't listed on any of the pages in the search results, even though I have seashells and sea shells listed under tags and materials.

So I decided to tweak my tags and materials. I added natural seashells and natural sea shells under tags and materials to 8 of my listings. Under supplies, if you type natural seashells you will get 22 pages in the search results and only 4 out of the 8 listings showed up. I did a search under supplies for natural sea shells and 30 pages were listed in the results and only 4 of the 8 items were listed. Out of both of these searches, only 2 of the 4 listings were for the same product. I was only in the search results after a few hours of making the changes to my tags and materials. After making the changes when I checked the search results, I wasn't listed right away.

Can someone - an Admin or experienced seller - please tell me why my listings are showing up in even the most basic searches "sea shells" and "seashells"?

If I am paying to have these items listed, and use the tags, shouldn't they all be available to prospective customers who also search for these things? If my items aren't being listed, then no one will have the opportunity to see them and possibly buy them.

Why am I even on Etsy? I should have done this back in March when I signed up as a seller. Unfortunately, I trusted that if I paid to have my items listed they would be.

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to show up in a search for sea shell or seashell each item will have to be tagged and titled with both of those. the first one in your shop says only shell. little things like that do make a difference here in searches.

if you search for just shells you will probably get a different result.

check my shop to see if i am experienced enough. lol.
I tried a search under supplies for 'white seashell', changed it to recency and this listing showed up on the first page:
So you are coming up in search. I'm not sure if moving the pertinent 'seashells' to the beginning of the title would help with relevancy or not.

Although this might not help in being found...have you done something to alter the seashells? Paint, drill holes? If not, you may want to re-think putting them in handmade, as someone might come along and flag for mis-tagging.
If you have altered them, ignore that. :)
that seems weird to me. It seems so basic that you should be able to find it. Wait and see what kind of answers you get here and if you are not satisfied email etsy support with the question personally.
its been a while but i seem to recall relevancy works with the first few words in the title. Maybe seashell should be one of the first three words. Maybe "White Seashells, assortment of 30, etc., etc. "

Then repeat those same words in the first few words ofyour first sentence of your listing.

And definitely change the titles of your necklaces to read seashell necklace first, length and color of cord last.

Your titles need to say exactly what you are selling in the first few words, and then put the other information. When doing titles you have to think what someone looking for shells would type in search, for instance no one is going to search for "assortment of 30 small..........".

Hope this helps.

If you want people to find your shells when they search for 'sea shells', then the two words 'sea shells' MUST appear in the title and in the tags.

The same goes for any other words you want to be found under.

If I'm looking for sea shells, then I'm not going to be searching for 'auger shells' or 'crafting shells' or any other name. I'll be looking for the words 'sea shells'.

For example, on this listing
I wouldn't expect it to show up in a search for 'sea shells' because its not called 'sea shells', just as I wouldn't expect it to show up in a search for 'wooden block'.

However, if I search for 'auger shells' I see it

You may find this blog post to be of some assistance when writing your listings.
As mentioned, the first 3 words are the most important (I just re-did most of mine) but I would make your titles longer as well to include as many of your tags as you can. Don't be afraid to have a lengthy title.

Also, I'm almost 100% positive that tags used by simply adding the plural (seashell /seashells, etc) won't make a difference. I could be wrong. However, yesterday I did a search for "doll food" and "dolls food" and the number of results were exactly the same.

By eliminating the plural tag, it may free you up to use others.
Thank you, everyone, for your comments. They are a lot of help! When I first started, I read the etsy seller handbook and also viewed some of the videos for guidance.

I understand how important titles are, but perhaps I am misguided. I thought that if you included words and phrases in the tags and materials section, that would also help get you found by potential buyers.

I may not have sea shells in every title, but those words are in my descriptions, tags and materials section.

I still am concerned and I didn't realize there was an etsy support email. Thank you Sandy for pointing me in that direction. I still would like to speak with an Admin because when I added some tags to 8 of my listings for "natural sea shells" and "natural seashells" only 4 out of the 8 products showed up in the search results.
materials and tags are important but in relevancy as well as google the title and first sentence of the description are also used.

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