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No reply?

I am new to Esty. So far I've ordered 2 items and both went really smooth. I am looking for a new business logo and I sent a message to a few designer on Esty and out of the 4, only one replied back. And that one that replied back is no longer responding after ONE reply.

It has been about a week now since I first messaged them. I don't know if that is normal for a business to NOT reply to there customer if they don't want to deal with them for any reason.

Personally I think it is bad business to NOT reply back to their customer even a simple message saying they received the message.

Should I just move on or just accept the fact that some business here isn't really a "real" business?

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Welcome to Etsy!

As a seller, I try to reply ASAP, barring any crisis at home. The better and quicker customer service I give, the more return customers I get.

When ordering as a buyer, I usually give the seller the benefit of the doubt for about two days or so. A week seems like a long time to wait for a response. I would move on if I were you. There are a LOT of shops who do logo designs. One way to weed out those with poor customer service is to click on the "feedback" button for each shop. That might help narrow down which shop you choose.

Good luck!

I would help you if I could but I doubt you need a pair of earrings to go with your logo design!
Sai..what a shame and a loss for those designers! I would like to believe that most of us are professionals and would respond to your request in a reasonable amount of time! There are many wonderful, professional designers here..I am thinking you might have found a few that are not! I would say move on to someone who is interested in your business!!
You are of course right, not responding isn't very professional BUT...
There is a huge problem in Etsy convo land. It seems there are many messages not arriving or arriving days later. I saw several topics about this on the forums yesterday and a few weeks back, the same issue.

Good luck!
I agree Sai, it's not good business to fail to respond within 24 hours. But try to realize that a lot of shops here on etsy are run by people who have full times jobs outside of etsy, so it could take a little longer. In any venue, etsy or the outside world, there will be businesses that respond right away, and some that are very bad about it. Don't let it sour you on etsy, just look for other shops that offer similar services/products, contact them, and I'm sure you will find some who respond promptly and will value you as a customer!
I seem to miss messages on facebook too.. Welcome Sai!
I think that depends on a few factors---are the shops on vacation? If they're so busy that they can't respond after a week---that's just wrong---I agree with your business philosophy--if they can't reply to an email, how on earth can I trust them to do a task?

Not replying for a week is NOT normal, and it is NOT good business practice. I can see if a disaster occurs, or if they lose power for a week, but the fact stands true, not everyone shares the same ethos of business.

With my shop---everything gets a response within 24 hours---and usually less time, as I check in on things frequently during the day---but convos may be down, or a glitch might occur---but I won't deal with someone who can't be bothered to return an email.

I wish you better luck in the future--there are many good sellers here on Etsy-----in my experience, many more good than questionable----
I understand that not everyone can reply instantly but I still think a week is too long. As a new business owner myself(photography business) I reply to all emails within a few hours. I can't always give a full answer on the first reply but I let them know that I got the message and will reply back within 24 hours.

I was just on the "bugs" sub-form and I did see a few people talk about shop owner not getting any message on the convos and only email notifications. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and send them a nudge to see if they are still there. If not, I will just move on.

Thanks everyone.

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:28am Jun 10, 2012 EDT
Sorry you aren't getting any responses Sai. In my opinion its just bad business practice not to answer within 48 hours at least.

However, there are many many talented artists whom I'm sure would really appreciate your business.
You can post your inquiry in the Teams Section. Look for the Alchemy Group and someone there will help you.

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