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banner colours

when you check out banners would you go for darker shade or light. please give your opinion as it means lot to me.

ps. just ignore my other thread in ' business topic forum' .

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This will be more of a personal reference to many I think. I myself like the banner background to be lighter so that I can read the words easier, and see the pictures and all the what nots that are placed on them.
thanks. I will of removing all my dark coloured banners as not having much success in sale so just wondering whether something to do with the colours i am using in my banners !
I just have to say, beautiful work! :)

I like bright, light colors myself, but maybe keep a few dark color ones for variety?
My suggestion would be to fix your titles. You should have "Etsy Banner" in the first three words of your title, then repeated in the first line of your description and again in your tags. The first three words should be exactly what you are selling. Then use phrases people might choose to search for banners on Etsy for your tags.

I like your shabby chic set!
thanks for the compliments. all of you are lovely bunch and very talented !

will put your suggestion in practice.
I love dark colours but they tend to look too top heavy in a block across the top of an Etsy shop.

For your own banner, OP, you've chosen the most difficult colours to use on Etsy! A block of red always tends to look blurry - I think it's something to do with Etsy's compression.
Personally I have a very pale banner so it doesn't clash with any of the clothes in my shop. I do think, however, that bright colourful banners can be stunning and really grab a customers attention.

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