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If I Wanted To Have A Sale How Do I Go About It?

Okay I may not have a sale right away, but I see when others have a sale they can have 25% off right in the thumbnail of thier pics, how do I do that? Do you have to alter every pic somehow or does etsy do it? Also do you just re price the items at a sale price or use a coupon code?? I am rather new to selling as I only stocked my store a few months ago, any advice would be great :)


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You can use coupon codes for 25% off (go to your shop tab) or use etsy on sale and alter the prices. (

As for the image inquiry, I think the ones your talking about are the avatars? You can edit them in a photo-editing program.

I hope this helps :)
I think you might be meaning the Etsy App 'Etsy on Sale':

The etsy app will reduce your prices at what ever percentage you tell them and they put the red line through your old prices. That is probably what you are seeing. You also pick the dates for your sale.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:08 am Jun 11, 2012 EDT
You can use the coupon codes section, manually change them, or use ETSyon sale. It's your choice. :)
Cool ! I will need a g mail account! Thanks for the info :) I love this forum! I am a dummy when it comes to computers so it is so helpful to be able to ask about tthese things :)

as for the pics they must have been altered in some way because I have only seen a couple of shops with the 20% off or whatever right on thier pics...
If you need extra points before you sign up, feel free to convo me for a referral code. Then you should have enough to run 2 full sales.
Hi there! I'm finding this forum waaaay after it's been posted, but if you still have the referral code for Etsy on Sale- and if it gives you something in return- I'd love to have it. I'm thinking of signing up today and thought I'd check with you first.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:51 am Jun 11, 2012 EDT
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Just wondering what is a newegg coupon code? is it something from a third party site like etsy on sale?

I went to the Etsy app for sales. Do I have to put an entire secti0n on sale?


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