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Free shipping with another item

Im sure the answer is already on Etsy but I sold a dress yesterday and today customer may order a second so would like it to be shipped together. On my page I have already listed in shipping profile that second item is $0.00. I'm just wondering if it will automatically be deducted or will I have to do a PayPal refund since they ordered different days?
Thank you so much for helping, I'm still a new seller :)

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I always send a convo telling them they paid for shipping twice and that I'll combine the two purchases and refund the extra shipping through PayPal.
You'll have to do a paypal refund since they weren't purchased at the same time. It should show that your customer paid shipping on both items.
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Some buyers get confused at checkout. It only combines shipping if both items are added to the cart and they checkout for them both at the same time....they most likely went through the checkout process twice(2 seperate orders)so it didn't combine the shipping.
Like Ann said, if they went through the check out twice it will charge for two seperate shipping costs. You can combine the shipping and refund them the difference though.
It won't automatically be deducted since Etsy isn't seeing it as the same order. For all Etsy knows you already shipped the order anyway. They have to purchased as one order. You'll have to go to paypal and do a partial refund. It's very easy.
If they purchase the items at the same time, Etsy will deduct the shipping cost for you upon checkout. If it is in multiple transactions, you will have to issue a refund via paypal. When this happens, I always contact the buyer letting them know about the shipping discount and asking if they would prefer me refund them the difference, or if they would like it to be applied to shop credit (if they choose the latter, I create a personal coupon just for them). It has worked out for me pretty well.
I also usually just refund the shipping overages via paypal and leave a little note that 2nd item has free shipping because it is being sent with the 1st. All their details should be available on your paypal, and partial refunds are quite easy to do.
Thanks, you guys are awesome!

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