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Shipping price help please US -US

Hi I'm in UK but I have a buyer in US who has a return to send me and we have agreed that it may be easier for her to send on to my next US or Canadian buyer.

So what I'm after is your US to US bog standard cheapest shipping quote for a set of 8 placemats weighing 430oz (0.580grams)

The same for US to Canada please

13" x 8" x 1"

And how much is DC if taken to the Post Office?

That would be really helpful, then I'm off to reduce them for a quick sale and add the shipping etc..

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It might help you if you go to
I'm not sure what they weigh--430 oz would be a lot for place mats. According to Google 0.580 grams = 0.02 ounces--way too light, so I'm just going to assume they are 4.3 oz since that's more reasonable for place mats...

Since you have one dimension over 13 inches, it would probably go as a large package, and you'd have to pay for 5 oz, so it'd be $2.29 (pretty good deal....), plus I'd add delivery confirmation which is free with Paypal's USPS labels but would cost $0.85 at the PO:

Click the "Display All Options" box at the top of the page to see all the services available.

To Canada it'd cost $3.60:
There is no way that eight placemats weigh 4.3 oz. One placemat would weigh that much. I think you need to reweigh the package and do a metric conversion to oz.

I am also wondering about your measurements in inches. 13" x 8" sounds a bit off too.
I would also be concerned at having one customer ship to another -- what about customer privacy? Both parties would have to agree, not just your current customer.
What if the customer doesnt package them properly and they get damaged?
And who would be responsible for a lost package?

It might be more of a hassle, but having them returned to you is really the better option

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