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Do You Like my background?

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Love your shop! Personaly I am so tired of seeing all white backgrounds...your burlap background works great for the prints. Maybe add a close up or two for each listing, other wise I would say...great job!
I like burlap but i think it is distracting from your prints a little. Instead of being just a background it really is featuring in the images. The weave is a liittle out of balance with the print, myabe scale it down a bit. Also i would look in to your watermarking and add your name and maybe lower the opacity so it doesnt distract from your prints. It is also copyright one word not two. As you are creatng a digital image try addng a drop shadow to your frames to give it some depth and realism. Just some thoughts I had. Good luck with your shop!
I like your backgrounds, but would also suggest you use a variation of them. I also want to mention that the word copyright is one word - not two.
It's something different so works for me! Great prints, btw :)
I like it, looks earthy and warm.. I'm not crazy about white backgrounds. Congrats on your sale!
Congratulations on your first sale! I really like the burlap "textured" background. I also like the consistency it provides to the overall look of your shop. Your prints have white in them, so using a white background may take away from them. Overall, I think it's wonderful and refreshing that you have created a look that is your own...well done! Your shop looks inviting and professional!
Yes, I really like the way your shop looks and love your prints. Good luck
I like the color of the burlap but agree with a previous poster that the weave is too big and makes the prints look teeny tiny.
I like the burlap and the way it is consistent with your banner. Congrats on a quick first sale!

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