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how do you bring more attention to your etsy shop?

I'm new to the whole Betsy world and it will be almost one month that my shop has been running nonlinear. Unlike being at the local markets I find it extremely difficult to gain much attention from etsy customers or sellers . I would appriciate if some of you more seasoned sellers could give advice on how to gain more awareness to my shop and how to get into more circles and establish a name for myself and other newbies please.

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I'm also looking for some answers. Good question.
I purchase ads from another crafting website and I list new items as often as I can. Gaining customers and creating a successful shop can be a slow process sometimes though.
It takes time, but be active in the Etsy community, join Teams, favorite items and shops, build your Circles - Etsy is all about networking.
Hi, I will peek at your shop, and brb..
promote, promote, promote!

if you wait around for Etsy shoppers to find you, you'll never get started. you have to take promotion into your own hands, find your target markets, and let them know where you are.

and a good avi helps too

Jewelry, especially beaded jewelry like you have in your shop, is an INCREDIBLY competive category to be in. there are literally thousands of shops on etsy selling items much like yours. What makes yours special? how can you make them stand out and get noticed?
Study the Etsy Seller Handbook. Everything you need to become a success is in it.
It takes time. Give it at lest 6 months for sales to start coming in at a steady pace.
Be consistent and persistent.
I am new here, too. One thing that I have found that helps (I think) is to space out my new listings. Instead of doing everything at once, I try to list one new item a day, and mornings have been the most successful for me. I still have a lot on my to do list, like starting twitter and pinterest... I hear that really helps and it doesn't cost any money.

Good Luck!
It does take time but jewelry seems to be the most saturated. Maybe your tag words will be the most helpful in your case so when googled you are found.
How do people promote their shops my items are not something everyone would buy so I am limited I have a blog and use that I sell items on eBay and I put a not in with the item telling people about my shop and offering a discount none of my friends or family are into doll houses so face book is no good I have looked for forums but the one I use is part of a large dolls house seller so advertising is not aloud I have found a couple of others but it looks like they go weeks or months with no one using them . I am hoping to start doing dolls house fairs and hope this will get me more customers but I cannot think of any other places to promote

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