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new store opening question

hello all. just "opened" our store today. i know its rough around the edges, but i beleive we have a great and very unique product. what ideas do you have aobut what things i need, dont need, tags, and everything else in general. i al setting up a paypal account, trying to find a good picture for the main pic. my son and i found and made all this jewelry...should i use that as a main selling point? we have gone to 2 festivals here in NC and set up a booth, had lots of interest but few sales. several people mentioned etsy...that our items would be seen nationwide. anyhow...thanks everyone.

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i would suggest getting a shop critique from one of these teams:

I think you have a good concept. Sea shells and arrowheads are very in right now. I think you need to work on those photos though, and Id suggest maybe a more elegant necklace that the pendants go on? Just a thought. They would look good on a dressform photographed with a white background.

Have fun and enjoy!
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:17pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT
Titles are very important as far as relevancy goes and getting found in the search results here. Try to use what the item is in the first two or three words of a title.

I would change "Sterling Silver Sea Urchin Fossil Pendant NC" to "Sterling Silver Pendant: Sea Urchin Fossil NC". You want "Pendant" near the beginning of a title, not at the end.

You may want to include a mm and inch ruler to measure your items.. International buyers probably don't know how big a dime is.

In the "Community" link, (top left of your homepage) , spend some time with a virtual lab for newbies. very helpful.

Download the free Google app "Picasa" to edit and your pics. Free and very easy.

Good luck.

I have a very comprehensive "Craft Show" page if you want it. Convo me and I will forward it to you.
thanks everyone....taking notes on all this, need better pictures (with ruler), and have fixed paypal

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