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Thanks for the new "Unavailable Listing" page, Etsy!

Sorry, I know this isn't an idea, but I just noticed the new "Unavailable Listing" page - something some of us in this forum had been asking for - and I'm so happy I just had to say:



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I have no idea what this is. I show expired and inactive tabs on my listing page but can find nothing that says unavailable.
Totally clueless as usual. Please splain it?
It is a nice change, but I wish it was a "more items from this shop".

For those wondering:
I wish that too, GoTo :(

My unavailable items are because I've sold them at markets and deactivated. When I think of all the work I put into listing and promoting on and for Etsy, I think it's decidedly unfair that it doesn't go to "more items from this shop".
I'm so sad now that I can't search in my favorite shops anymore. I mean I can search the literal items I have hearted but not the shops they came from as i used to be able to with one easy click. This is a major loss for me as a treasury curator and will slow me down quite a bit :(

I just checked and it DOES got to more of my listings, I'm absolutely thrilled!

HUGE thank you Etsy! I'mm jumping up and down with joy here - so cool and it has a live link to my shop too! I couldn't have asked for more.

Check this out, peeps:
Whoa... that's not so cool. The thing I was excited about was the "similar items from this shop" part. For example, here's one of my inactive listings:

I guess this is still in the testing stage. I hope the version with the shop links is the one that makes the cut! :)

EDIT: Ah, I see... expired item pages only link to other shops' items, while inactive items link to the seller's own items and - below that - other shops' items. Interesting.
So you can see it too Marie?
Oh wait scratch my last post... I just figured out how to search my favorites... it is way down on the side... still there but hidden... not wild about that. I want people to easily search their favorites :0

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