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creating About Page..

hi everyone.. Im very excited to be getting my ETSY Shop opening soon.. I do have a question that Ive searched for a answer and have resorted to asking here.. I hope this is the rt place to ask.. Im in the page 'four steps to open your shop' Ive been searching where I can create my shop 'about' page with pictures etc.. I haven't done my profile personal yet btw, as I see a 'about' section there but see no ability to post more images beside the personal profile picture.. I hope you understand what i mean and sooo hope this is the correct place to ask.. ty

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Hm... I did mine with my shop already in existence, so I don't know if you're going through a different process.

But . . what you're describing sounds like just the upper section of the about page. There are two sections, the shop members section, and the about the shop section. In the upper one, you put your photo in and enter a short bio. Then you click the blue "add a member" button to save that information. Then, that should lead you to the lower section where you add information about your shop, and the inspiration behind your business, etc.

Unless there's a bug, of course.
I think you need to have a shop before you can have an about page. It's not available to buyer's accounts. So start setting up your shop and the about page option should appear.
..thanks Jennifer.. i' try what you suggested appreciate..
Jennifer is right. But you'll need to do it from your buyer's account, I think.
Hi, I'm just setting up my shop and seem to be having the same trouble as Mr. Hassel.

I've read about setting up the 'About' page and understand that I have to go to your shop>appearence>about.

This About button, should be at the top of the page, but it isn't. There is no blue add member button and I cannot go to other sections as stated by Wearableby designs.

Is anyone able to confirm that I have to finish all the other steps, make my shop live and THEN the buttons will appear for me to go about adding pictures and further information to my about page?

Any help would be appreciated as I'm going round in circles trying to make sure I follow all steps, but am now wondering if I've missed a vital bit of information with me being new to the site!

Many thanks
pmd -- You're in a Buyer's account, yet you say you're "setting up" your shop.

If you have other accounts on etsy, each one has to be revealed in your PROFILE of each one.

As for your question about the About page, yes, you have to fill out the top "Owner/Member" stuff first, then SAVE at the button there. Then, there is another "SAVE" button at the bottom of the page.

Just to be safe, I usually click both of them. Then it will save something like "Your About Page is Viewable," or whatever...

You will not be able to add your "about" page info and pictures until after your shop is open. Once you complete the basic setup, and open the shop, you will be able to do a number of things you can't do until your shop is active.
that is really strange as i don't see how I could be in a buyers account as i've set up my shop name and am in the process of listing items and no, I don't have any other Etsy accounts. Do I need to report this to Etsy before I go any further or do you think it might just be a small glish or bug that will clear if I turn off and turn back on? (I live in hope!!)
Oh! You know what? They've got a "new format" for setting up a shop now, where it doesn't go live until you get it set up!

I came in on the Old Format, so just remembered they've started having a "Draft" mode, even for setting up shops now!

Sorry, carry ON!!

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