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please tell me your honest opinion about my shop!

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first of all your banner is blank with no names. please check my shop and get some idea. you can create one for your self using your own pictures for free xx
Your banner should eventually get some attention, but I think what is more pressing is your photos really need some work/love. Can you take them on a white wall with a window open that would give you items even light? The brightness and contrast in almost all of your pics seems like it could using coming up a bit. Some of your white items have a color cast to them making them seem stained. If you increase the brightness and use natural lighting this can help eliminate the color cast. Also I think that you need to be using all of your tags in your listings (all 13) to get found.
Hi Maggie,

I would definitely echo all the above and would also add the idea of including sizing dimensions to each of the items, so potential customers can picture the exact size of each piece. With no points of reference in the shot, this can be a little tricky.

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck with your shop!
new banner, get a tripod so you can take natural light pictures with no flash,
and try different backgrounds. I know it is hard, but try to get people to model
the clothes sometimes. It works wonders.. i sold everything i ever had modelled,
and of course I'm an old fat cow now and I can't model my stuff myself. but
definitely put some action into the pictures. That is all.
As someone who does buy vintage clothing, here are the two things that jumped out at me.

You don't mention what brand the clothes are, when this is really important for a buyer.

A couple of your listings say "Condition:It appears to be in great condition but remember it is vintage and may have a little wear and tear in it. "

I appreciate that 'wear and tear' is a cliche, but when I saw this my first thought is 'it might have tears??'

State that it is vintage, ideally WHEN vintage, then clearly explain the condition. I don't like seeing 'it is vintage so expect some wear' etc, as this tells me nothing at all. I have seen 1920's dresses which look like they are brand new (they were stored very well) and 1980's sweaters that look like they are about to fall apart. A buyer really needs to know the actual condition and any faults etc, not just that because it is old it MAY have some.

When all one has to go on before buying are a few photos and a description, then those things become very important.
Id change the policy where it says you are not responsible for lost items in the mail. Umm yes you are. Put yourself in the buyers shoes. Would you want to dish out money for something you never get? Part of doing business is eating that cost if you have to. Work on your SEO. Fix those photos. Your shop feels very dull as in lack of brightness and color.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:52 am Jun 17, 2012 EDT
I would try to write more detailed descriptions. For instance, you don't include the dimensions of your handbag, the strap length, what brand it is, the condition or if there are any pockets in the interior. You should also take photos of the interior and get a close-up of the tag if there is one.
I don't do vintage, but the first thing the banner turned me off, you need a jazzy vintage banner. I'll leave the rest to the vintage experts/
In my opinion, everything needs to be expanded on. (I did not read your policies and such, just your listings).
You god the drift about the banner.
The best way to approach EVERY thing is to think that each person coming to your site has never been on Etsy, knows nothing about anything.
With that in mind,
Expand your Announcement. eg, "enter percent20 where exactly? (on the check out page under coupon code). For example: "Enter PERCENT20 in the area on the check out page under coupon code to receive 20% of each sale".
Use ALL 5 pictures, include at least one with a contrasting background. eg, if you usually use white, have one picture with a black back ground. Include at least 1 VERY close up of the material with a button or a ric-rac addition...some piece of the item. Also be SURE to include a picture of the worst flaw, explain the rest, how big/small in inches and where it is. Offer to send them pictures via convo if they ask.
When describing your listing, measure EVERYHING. handles, hem lengths, arm pit sizes some may even want to know how many inches apart the buttons are! Customers have to be very inquizitive when shopping on line and they are trusting you to tell them everything right and wrong with it.
I would not say "Anyone would look cute in it", because that is not true.
Lastly, don't appologize about the item "remember, it is vintage..." they know that, use the vintage angle to delight them, to make the item unique.
I wouldn't tell them anything about how they should think or feel about the item either. I also wouldn't tell them or suggest how they might fix a problem either.
It's always a rocky start here. I know, Ive been critisized to death! You're lucky you've gotten some good advice above. I spent weeks finding the right avatar for my shop before it opened, I am a girl and everyone thinks I am the guy in the Avatar, I let them believe what they want to believe, buying from an old man somehow seems "safer" than a woman selling old vintage tools! Advertising can be tricky but it can also be fun.
Be firm, straightforward and honest in your policies. by all means try to cover every possibility when it comes to refunds, shipping and returns. Be sure to choose how you want all your future payments to come in. leaving it blank can invite disaster. I do only paypal. However, when people want to send a check or (i've event gotten cash in the mail!) it's up to you to let them.
always acknowledge their order with a convo and after it is shipped, send them a convo as well. by all means give positive feedback. The customer's only responsibility is getting you the cash and asking questions. The rest is all up to YOU. If they paid, then they should get a positive feedback. Say nothing or as little as possible in the comment section of the feedback. I was using it wrong and I got crucified for it. I have since learned my lesson and things are running much smoother now.
One more thing, watch what you ask in a forum. Not everyone is nice.
I wish you all the best! Good luck in this new venture and If you need anyone to bounce something off, or a shoulder to cry on, feel free to convo me, I have a big heart and big shoulders.

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