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30 items in my cart, never put an item in my cart

Think this is a bug..I have 30 items in my cart, but have never put any items in my cart so far.. thanks!

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Hi Semira,

That sounds odd. When you place an item in your cart it will remain there until removed. Is it possible that you placed the items in your cart during an earlier visit?

I had that happen to me once.
It ended up that I had logged in on a neighbors computer. I didnt realize that I had not logged out. She is also on etsy and unknowingly put thirty butterfly and fairy related items in m my cart.
As I was witnessing what I thought was bug, it crossed my mind that she would have like all these items.
Were you logged in on another computer in the last few weeks?
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:37pm Jun 16, 2012 EDT
if someone adds items to the cart while browsing etsy on your computer, when you log in, they will be in your cart, even if you werent logged in when they added it. the cart works on cookies, and your etsy cookies remember whats in the cart whether or not you are logged in.

I was on my friends computer last week, but remember specifically logging out..other than that never put items in my cart ever, lots and lots of leather bags. Either way, even if someone wanted to buy all that they wouldn't know my paypal password..
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:55pm Jun 16, 2012 EDT edited
does anyone else use YOUR computer? if someone was on your computer and added things, when you login they would appear in your cart

if you logout of etsy, then add things to the cart, when you log in again, they will be there
No one else uses my computer here.. I removed all the items.
And now change your password, just in case your friend's computer automatically remembered it.
Thanks GoTo, will do!!!
I bet she's going to go nuts trying to figure out where all the stuff in her cart went, lol. At least you know what to get her for her birthday now. :)

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