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Favoriting and Relevancy?

I've read in a few threads that when items get favorited, this affects relevancy; is this true?

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In my shop... my items with a lot of favorites are older listings, and they do have better relevancy than my new listings. So for me, yes.
Good question. I have wondered that myself.
Angela--do you think it differs for each shop or is it something that Etsy has put into the relevancy algorithms?
I have no clue..... I don't try to figure out those kinds of things, LOLOL :)
:) Maybe admin. can answer??
The only thing I've read - and it's nothing official, just from people who work out these kinds of things - is that the entire number of clicks or favorites don't make a difference, but the clicks or favorites that an item gets specifically through the search function do figure into the relevancy algorithm.

I can't swear to any of that. :)

-- I doubt if we'll hear from admin on this. We're not told everything that goes into the algorithm (as is true of any search function), and there's probably not much we could do to take advantage of it, anyway.
maybe ??

They have said that "buyer behavior" or something to that effect, does play a part in relevancy, I take that to mean.... clicking on photos, favoriting, etc. So maybe it is part of the algorithm ??
i have also hear it the way, trudy said. that favorites while searching do affect relevancy, but this may be part of the algorithm that would not be revealed. a part of every search algorithm is always keep secret no matter what the site.
Stop, My head is going to explode LOL
this stuff drives me nuts

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