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SEO / TAGS question

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:47pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT
So I have read that in your title to place the words that people would be searching for. I did that. Then I read to then include those same phrases in the tags section. This matching of both the title and tag bumps you up in the search... so my question is, how much is too much to put in the title section. We have 13 tags to use up but I am sure a crowded title with all those search words would not be good....or would it?

Any thoughts on this?

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You don't need to include ALL of the possible search tags in your title...simply title the item with the most common searchable term, and follow that with any necessary descriptive terms. Then use your tags to add more searchable terms and phrases along with the title tag.
Just a thought about titles: It is not necessary to use the same word multiple times in the title. In fact, it may hinder you from being found. Google might consider it 'title stuffing'.
From what I understand it's only the first few words in a title that get picked up anyway so put your most relevant words in the beginning. It also helps with google to put the same words in the first sentence of your description.
The more key words you have in your title the better. I would shoot for 2-3 phrases per title.
Don't forget to also add those same keywords you use in your tags and titles to your description as well. I use my title as the first line in all of my descriptions.
All of the title can be seen, but the most weight is given to those first words.
I have used both long and short titles...the most important thing is to use the most popular search words that fit your items.
You can easily use 3 keyword phrase in the listing title and as many more as you can fit into the listing tags.

It is so important to use keyword phrases that are at least somewhat popular with searchers on Google and on Etsy. People tend to use the same keyword phrases over and over again all over the Internet as well as on Etsy.

There are databases that keep a record of keyword phrases used in actual searches on the Internet. Google has a free to use database where you can search for good keyword phrases for your shop title, section names and listings;

With thousands of new shops every day and millions of listings, It is getting harder to be found on Etsy.

Several months ago, Etsy posted this announcement:
which included this statement:
" Diversity is important! Our marketplace is made vibrant by the wide range of products, sellers and styles. In a search sorted by relevancy, we divide up multiple items from the same shop, and prevent your search results from being dominated by one shop." Etsy is intentionally producing diversified search results on the Relevancy search. I have seen more and more changes in this direction lately.

It has become so important l to SEO for both Etsy Relevancy and for Google to get more views. There are differences between between Google and Etsy but it is possible to SEO for both.

Add SEO to every part of your shop, such as the shop title, section names as well as listings and tags, so that your shop and listings can be found on Etsy's Relevancy search and on Google.

Don't guess on the wording for keyword phrases. Start with using keyword phrases that are often used on Google to search for similar products. The keyword phrases popular on Google are also popular on Etsy.

There are web sites that keep track of keywords and how often they are used. One of these databases is from Google and is free. I suggest using Google's keyword research tool to find the best possible keyword phrases for your listings;

SEO for Google is a lot more than adding keyword phrases but this is the place to start.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:41pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT
Thanks for all the insight...:)

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