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Okay, I Really GET it Now!

I had seen the threads posted recently about "no views," "no sales," etc., and figured they were newbies, or people who didn't know about or understand SEO, etc.

Well, I've been on here for 3 1/2 years, pretty computer and SEO savvy, WAS getting a sale every day, or two, or three, regularly!

NOW, it's like things have just gone stealth, undercover! I haven't had a sale in going on 10 days. That may not seem like a long time, but, as I said, when you're used to one every day or two, that's quite a while!

So, I just wanted to say, I think something HAS happened.

I've noticed even in the Forums, the posts and threads are getting thinner with posts farther apart!

And, if you're thinking, "Oh, it's summer. People are out doing things, away from the computer," I've been on here three past summers so far!

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People have to experience it to get it I guess. I have been trying to get through to people this is not a normal slow down but everyone just wants to believe it is just this that or the other. Its Summer, Its Fall, its Winter its Spring etc.
Marking for interest...................
I have been here for 5 summers, and if I kept a sales Graph, it takes a downward
dip , lower and lower each month until going back upwards in the Fall...
and then my selling season returns in full swing...
of course it certainly depends on what you are selling....
I agree, my sales have been VERY slow! Something is wrong and it's not just the economy or summer, etc.
If that's the case and something is really "wrong" how come it's not "wrong" across the board? How come some shops are still getting sales then I wonder?
Not trying to be contentious, just really wondering why that would be?
Gail - Also not being snarky, but a couple of the largest selling shops that I keep an eye on have slowed! (NOT supply sellers)

One used to make 10 to 20 sales a DAY, is down to 5 or 6 and it has the weight of several national magazines ("as seen in") behind it.

The other was selling between 4 and 6 a day and now gets a sale every few days, unless they cut a big "sale" percentage, which I've noticed they've started doing.

These two were some of the biggest selling on etsy, as I said, but have drastically reduced sales now.

Anita, that's interesting.....I'm truly wondering why some shops would be so affected and others not......of course I'm not a computer guru so of course I have no answer why that would be the case.
Other shops just keep selling away with no problems. I'd like to know the answer just like everyone else.
It's not just sales, it's views too. My average for over a year has been between 175 and 200 a day. Now, it's like 20, or 25 a day if I'm lucky. Something is very wrong.
My sales are up 80% when comparing June 1-16, 2011 to this month so far. It's not a fair assessment to compare to last month or the month need to compare to last June. I can see sales have actually increased from last June when looking at some of your accounts.

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