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multiple items listing

I am planning on selling my specific item for $2.00 plus shipping (which I haven't figured yet, but will most likely be $1.50). Does it make more sense to list each item separately, or together, if the item most likely won't be bought in bulk?

Also, is my thought process correct in that if I have say 10 items listed together, I will be charged $.20 each, making a total of $2 as a listing fee? And say, one of the 10 is bought, I would be charged an additional $.20 for the remaining nine to be relisted, even though they are listed?

Thank you.

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With the recent changes to buik listing fees, you will only be charged 20 to list any quantity. We only pay .20 more when more of the item sell.

Alright, thanks. ^_^
I can't help you with the first part since I don't know what you sell.

On question number 2 though:
If you list 10, you are charged $0.20 for the initial listing. You are charged another $0.20 if, and only if, one sells and it auto-renews itself.
In the end, it's the same $2.00 for 10 (if they all sell).... but you only pay as they sell and not all up front.
it sounds like you're asking if you'll be charged twice, which of course you're not. You only pay the listing fee regardless of the quantity. You then pay .20 as each quantity gets sold. So you list 10, you pay .20 for the listing and then .20 when each additional one sells.
and just so you know, you'll hardly make any profit on selling an item for so little, between the listing fee and then the Etsy and paypal fees.

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