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Hat Help

I have friend going through chemo who just shaved her head. I wanted to search etsy for hats, and have a particular style in mind, but I can't remember what they are called.

The basic shape is round with a small brim. Newsboy? Pageboy? (or is that a haircut?)

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I think it's newsboy. LIke this one maybe?

(its not my shop so its not a shameless promotion lol)
Newsboy...Or beanie/skull cap....Or you can request something specifically for someone going through chemo...I recently did one for a 12 yr old girl who had lymphoma, I had to be VERY careful with the choice of yarn so it didn't aggrivate her bald head...Turned out great.. Just be sure to let the seller know that the person is going thru chemo as there are definitly yarns that should NOT be used in this case..If you would like to see a pic of the one i made convo me, I have it on my fb page
Not trying to promote my shop either, just MAKE sure they use a soft or bamboo yarn =)
Yep, called a newsboy. Or you can just search for ‘billed hats’
I think you gave some great information Chelle! I wouldn't have thought about being careful about the yarn choice.
I make SCATS which are nice soft hat/scarf item. I've been wearing them for years as a fashion excessory, (I LOVE hats!) I don't have a health issue, just flat, fine, fly-a-way hair! lol!
Thank you, it is the newsboy style I was thinking of, but a beanie/skull cap type would work too. Chelle, thank you for the info on materials too, I was actually thinking about that, and the fact that it is summer here and although it has been cool so far it gets very warm here.
Try: cloche, turban, trilby (that's a man's hat, but you never know!). Also try chemo hat or headwrap. Good luck!
I have done some in the past and used a soft cotton and that seemed to work well with a shaved head. I think sticking to natural fibers and be careful of the dye process also.

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