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Australian US dollar exchange rate

The AUD is above parity with the USD but etsy is still showing a conversion that is based on an under parity FX rate. When will the correct rate be available?

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Though we've used best efforts to obtain the most accurate currency rates, because of currency fluctuations like the one you mentioned we cannot guarantee accuracy, timeliness, reliability or completeness of the rates. This feature is for informational purposes only.

Since this has turned out to be more of a Site Help question, I'm going to move it up to that Forum section. Thanks for asking!
Hi Rob

The AUD has gone even further above parity, and yet Etsy is stil overestimating the cost in AUD. When will this be corrected? Sales are not being made because aussies wont buy when their currency is being undervalued.
The AUD is currently on parity, even a little bit higher than parity with the USD and yet the prices of AUD have gone even higher. As sidherian has asked 2 days ago, when will these prices be fixed?
I just noticed that as well Jessica. The AUD is still above parity and yet a dress valued at USD198 is valued at AUD202.16. WHY? Based on the FX rate I checked a moment ago, real AUD should be 196.76. That's AUD5.40 higher.
Why aren't you fixing this? I can guarantee that sales are not being made because the FX rate is wrong.
Why can I organize an automatic currency update for my private website, but etsy can't?
Hi Jessica and Ines.
Not only are Etsy continuing to under value the AUD, and failing to respond to further questions, but a second post I made on the EtsyAU page has been deleted. I call censorship. We've made them aware of a descrepancy, but instead of resolving the problem, they ignore it and remove it. I had thought better of etsy.
Actually, I've just found my second post on EtsyAU so scrap that comment. Problem hasn't gone away though.
I am in Australia and wanted to buy a dress that was $22 US Which under today's rate should be $21.86 AU but here it is listed as $22.45 AU with also an extra 22c for postage (on top of exchange rate.) This is hardly fair, even though it's minuscule amounts it really shouldn't be happening?
Hi all
I received a response on EtsyAU on FB, suggesting I email etsy support. I'm going to do that now & would encourage everyone else to do the same. Something is clearly wrong with their FX rates. As Ines pointed out, automatic fx changes can be set up, so why the heck aren't they doing that?

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