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Really need advice....

When I opened my shop in 2010, I chose the name Kiss Me Krafty to be different, witty and because I didn't know that I would evolve to just jewelry. I have been doing well, but constantly question the name I chose. Should I have gone with something more specific? Spelled Krafty the right way?

I was reading an earlier thread about Google so I decided to just google myself. KMK is first but if someone didn't know the I changed the spelling, they can't find me. And, I realize that there is another shop with the name. HAD NO IDEA.... never thought to check.

I know this makes no sense, I guess I am just wondering if anyone has ever changed their name and if it hurt you in sales and returning customers.

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:59am Jun 20, 2012 EDT
I just changed mine yesterday...we will see!
Check your stats see how many people find you by using your name, this will give you good information in making your decision. Best of luck to you with your decision
I changed to this name because I decided I'm going to be separating out the custom portraits from my "ready-to-buy" art I've been doing. So will be opening another shop in the near future with recent work that's not portraits.
I understand OP! :) I have been mulling the same thing. We started in jewelry and moved to kids toys shortly after. Kids toys are our niche and we love it. But our name is very generic and was wondering if we should move to something a little more specific.

- Does anyone know if off site links that link to the old shop name will move over to the new shop name? I.e like blogs that talk about our product.
- Is the redirect only temporary?

The problem is for us that after "" searches "Direct links" is our next top traffic source (accounting of a 1/3 of our traffic). I'm afraid of losing that.
how can you check your stats to see if people are finding you by name?
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:23am Jun 20, 2012 EDT

Your shop name would show up in your "Keywords"
you can only change your name one time, so choose your new one carefully.

and etsy will forward or filter people to your new shop from your old shop for you.
I started out here as TheCrochetedBaby, but changed my name about 2 years ago (I think - too lazy to go check right now). :-)

I had something like 200-300 sales in the old store so I had to start over, but don't regret it.
I will tell you that, I do not understand the Google stuff at all. Think I just have a mental block where it is concerned. I think I need GA 101.

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