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Etsy Facebook page

How wound I go about setting up an Etsy linked FB page that is separate from my FB personal page

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Here's the facebook page where you can, well, make a facebook page!
When it's done you can connect your Etsy shop to it.
Will this be separate from my personal FB page

Yeah, it'll be treated as a Fan page, and the only connection between that and your personal page will be that you are listed as the Admin of the fan page.
What's the difference between this page and your FB page oriented at promoting your Shop? Wouldn't they accomplish the same thing AND have the same traffic, or would this page have more traffic? If the answer to that is "yes," I'll climb onto the bandwagon.
You've gotta get people to 'like' your fan page for it to get traffic. You have to promote it just like everything else.
From what Samantha said, I gather that it is the same thing, and yes, as she said, FB pages have to be promoted elsewhere. One of the ways I like to promot\e mine is via Etsy's promotion teams, which often have a thread devoted to that. The more promo teams I've joined, the faster my likes have accumulated, so this method seems to work pretty well, at least in my experience.
I don't understand how having more likes can generate more traffic to one's FB page. After all, don't people first have to know you have a page, and how would they know that unless it's promoted elsewhere? Hmmmm.
Thank you! : )

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