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relevancy search not matching some tags

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me. I sell wedding guest books, sales had been very slow since I joined last May, however after the new wedding section my products were getting seen and sales went from 4-22 in the space of a few weeks. I was getting 2-3 convos daily asking about orders. I invested in more stock and bigger albums and listed my new stuff after Etsy had a re-boot and now none of my new books are showing up in the wedding sections, my tags and keywords are full and are the same or similar to the ones that were selling. Now my views have gone down dramatically from around 200 -30 and no covos, despite me trying to keep on listing new stock. After reading this discussion I am going to shorten my titles now, however another problem is now when I search wedding guest book in the general bar at the top, mine don't show up until about page 10 and they are all bunched together. They aren't getting seen, so does that mean they just keep going further and further back as they aren't so relevant anymore? A couple of companies had 9 of their books up on different pages before one of mine came up. They have had more sales than me but one company has not as many books in their shop. Just don't know how to get all my new books to be seen anymore!

Has anyone had a similar problem? Or got any ideas on how to help?

Many thanks
this is still happening, just fyi

Aurelia, the relevancy search does change from time to time. It's tough when you used to be on the first page of a search, but no one is guaranteed those slots, so you can't really depend on them continuing. It is best to make sure that each listing comes up well for several less competitive searches as well as the most popular ones - that way you will always get views.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:02pm Jun 25, 2012 EDT
Cindy, do you know anything about this happening?

A seller dominates a page in the search results. I was under the impression that this kind of thing didn't happen with the relevancy search but I could be mistaken.
generally you don't see a seller dominating the first page, but other pages happen all of the time.
If this is a bug, could you please just let us know you are working on it? I don't expect everything to be fixed overnight :)

If it isn't a bug, I am very curious as to why it went live without Etsy changing the Help files to reflect the facts that tags are now irrelevant in longer searches. This is a huge change, not just some secret tinkering.

Thank you!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:42pm Jun 26, 2012 EDT
Any word?

As Matt and Audrey mentioned earlier, we have forwarded the issue to our tech team to investigate. Unfortunately at this time we don't have an update for you.

Your patience is much appreciated!
With respect Leslie, it only takes 30 seconds for a tech to pop in & say either "Yes, it is bug & we are working on it" OR "No, it is not a bug & this is the way relevancy works now". Now, if it IS a bug I understand it may take a while to fix - I have no problem with that. But I know the tech team is competent enough to know whether or not they intended tags to be excluded in relevancy searches over 20 characters, so they can easily reply yes or no right now.

Basic respect for sellers would dictate that we get a speedy answer one way or the other so we know how to tag. We are making a living here & can't do a good job of it when the Etsy Help files on relevancy tell us to do one thing & the search is doing the exact opposite.

This is a HUGE change in the way relevancy operates. It is having a major effect on results. All we are asking for is basic info on whether this is the new normal or not. I understand that a potential fix is likely far more complicated than the answer :)

Thank you!
Please, please tell us how search is working now so that we can set our shops accordingly.

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