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Etsy can cancel a sale?

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Scrappy, did you not get emails from PayPal or was this an Etsy DC "sale"?
Maybe the BUYER was suspicious and/or looked like a fake scam account? I hope they let you know what happened!
The best place to get the answers that you're looking for would be the same Support contact with whom you've been working up to this point. She or he will tell you everything they can!
Thanks Rob. I am continuing to work with the support contact. I am waiting to hear back from them on my questions.

I can't contact the buyer - there is no record of the sale in my account. The only reason I noticed what happened is because those items auto-renewed and showed up on the first page of my listings. I knew I hadn't re-arranged and put them there - so I went to look for a sale....nothing. Went to look at my bill and saw that I had been charged for those 10 items to be auto-renewed.

It is a little frustrating because I trust Etsy to charge me the correct fees - I don't have time to check every little item on the statement. It's only $2 - but that counts when you are a small business - AND yes, just curious to know what happened to my 10 item sale.
@scrappy, sounds like it was a DC transaction and something went wrong with the payment. If that happens, what you're describing (etsy cancelling the sale) is what happens, but you should still have gotten the email of the "pending" payment, and then the email where it was declined. If not, I guess it was a bug.

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