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Yesterday they talked about vintage showing up in that format and when I clicked on the link provided, my heart sunk. If they are testing vintage in that manner, it could be why my sales are down and I am sinking faster than the Titanic!

The page looked really cluttered because it went from books to clothes to jewelry to insulators to garden items to whatever....all on one page. It looked like etsy had hurled all over the page!
It looked like etsy had hurled all over the page!

I nearly hurled all over the page when I discovered that I have this "new" category search today!
Can't put into words how much I dislike it!
I like to search a few categories often to see new and exciting items put up for sale. That means being able to see more than four pages of photos jumping all over each other, looking at an item and being able to go back to where I was and seeing new items from all over the world instead of what has been chosen for me to look at!
I know that I can get something similar by doing a search but now I have to jump through hoops to be able to see what I'd like to look at.
Are all buyers so focused that they know exactly what they want to search for? Surely some of them like to browse through a few pages to get a few ideas or maybe see something that they didn't even know they wanted!

I know that change can be a good thing but this change I'm not too sure about!
I still have the old format, so the vintage category has apparently not been changed yet for my shop. If, however, the new vintage format looks and operates like the Weddings category (which I understand it does), I will be discouraged with it. I've browsed around in the weddings category on occasion, and it didn't take long to throw up my hands and leave. What I was able to find gave me the impression of being the sum total of all there was for sale on Etsy that fit into the wedding category. I suppose the new vintage category will be no different. Fortunately, most of my views do not come from categories. I do, of course, know where all of this category change-up is headed. This will be the new 'showcase', for which a fee will be charged to have your stuff show up in its respective categories.
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:14pm Jun 25, 2012 EDT
Ok Etsy...... you are NOT Pinterest. ALL my categories are "pinteresty"... looks horrible! I really hope Etsy rethinks this.....
I just spotted that the new Wedding Category page now has a page counter at the bottom - that has to be good, right?

Hopefully all of the 'new look' category pages will go that way too.

Edited to add...AND 10 minutes later... now it's gone. Dammit.

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