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Knockoffs in Finds Newsletter

I was wondering if it is normal to see jewelry knokoffs (and resellers) appear in the Finds.
I understand that mistakes can happen when chosing theese items, but this time it's different. I already noticed the item I'm referring to and flagged it, with many other people.
There also was a post about this item which was closed by Etsy Admins, so I'm pretty sure Etsy knows about this fact quite well, and there is no excuse.
Even Regretsy dedicated a post to this knokoff item.

The only difference is that this time the picture of this item is smaller and less evident.
Of course I am not saying the name of the item.
I only say it's a piece of jewelry, it's yellow, and it's a J Crew knokoff.

Really upsetting!

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Is it 'normal'? Hmmmm.... that's a tough question to answer.

Does it happen? Yes.... it does, from time to time.

About 4 times in this case. It's all perfectly fine I'm sure. How I wish I had the right look. Ah, well...
I know the item you are referring to. I agree with Janet- it does happen.
The necklaces are available from Aliexpress for $24.00. J Crew is making a killing at $150.00 and they are probably buying at a lower cost than $24.00.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:26pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT
Blah. The one Etsy finds I COULD have been in *CRIES*
SO not cool... and so easy to find... just google jcrew yellow necklace... off to report with links
does admin not bother to check?? honestly - its baligate over and over again...

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